10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi, Nutrition Facts of Kiwi


Kiwi is a fruit with lots of health and nutritional benefits. It contains large amount of Vitamin C which is helpful for skin and other diseases as well. It looks beautiful when sliced that is why kiwi is used to decorate and garnish dishes.

The outer side of it is brown in color and internally it is of green-white color or yellow color. Kiwi can be consumed in various ways. You can drink it in its juice form or you can add it up with your dishes. It is also used to garnish dishes and to decorate cocktails or other soft drinks as well. Now lets checkout the nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit


Nutritional Benefits of Kiwi:


#1: Kiwi is a powerhouse fruit packed with various sources of energy

  • Kiwi fruits are enriched with lot of vitamin and mineral contents. Its nutrient percentage per calorie is much more than any other fruits.
  • It contains zero cholesterol, zero sodium, very less fat along with heavy amount of dietary fiber, natural sugar, Vitamins and minerals.


#2: It helps in neutralization of free radicals

  • Kiwi contains large amount of Vitamin C which helps in protecting cells against cancer by neutralizing free radicals.
  • Kiwi has even higher vitamin C concentration than orange. Yellow kiwi fruit has more vitamin C concentration than green kiwi fruit.


#3: It acts as prebiotic

  • The minerals and vitamins give perfect nutrition to body. It maintains the balance in digestive system of human body.
  • It acts as prebiotic element for the body.


#4: It offers good percentage of vitamins

  • Nutrition facts of Kiwi are great, it contains Vitamin E that becomes more helpful with antioxidant character.
  • This fruit also contains folate and potassium which cures many diseases and maintains a good health.


#5: It is helpful for weight loss

  • The nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit are helpful for losing weight as It possesses negligible calorie. It helps you lose extra fat in belly and other areas also.
  • The soluble dietary fiber content decreases your hunger issues.
  • It decreases the hunger and helps lowering your calorie also.


#6: It increases immunal properties

  • This fruit modulates your immune system protecting you from stress and other infective elements.
  • It prevents you from bacterial and virus attacks and protects from other infective elements.


#7: It repairs damaged DNA

  • It reduces the percentage of cell damage due to oxidation, repairs DNA which gets damaged by oxidative stress.


#8: It helps in digestion

  • the nutritional benefits of kiwi helps in digesting food as it has large amount of dietary fiber contents and other components digests your excessive food intake by which you get relieved and relaxed body.
  • It also has a unique enzyme known as actinidin breaks down protein elements for which you get a better digestive system.


#9: It keeps your heart healthy

  • Kiwi’s nutrition fact includes good amount of Vitamin E, which is best component for protecting heart.
  • There are some antioxidant properties that give a protection shield to heart. This is why nutritional benefits of kiwi fruit are beneficial for heart patients.
  • Potassium content controls blood pressure and heart rate and blood pressure.


#10: It produces collagen

  • Kiwi also contains good amount of Vitamin C which helps tightening the skin pores.
  • It gives elasticity to skin by rising the percentage of collagen production. If your skin does not get sufficient elasticity it makes your skin sag and damages your skin.


Nutrition Facts of Kiwi


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