10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Grapefruit

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Grapefruit, Nutrition Facts of Grapefruit


Grapefruit is a fruit which is sweet to taste and can be used in breakfast and snacks. It is mainly used to sweeten the dishes in which you do not want to add sugar. Now a day’s most people are health conscious and its really good for them as there are many nutritional benefits of grapefruit

Its peels are also used to garnish other dishes. It also has lots of medicinal benefits. It is found in different colors like yellow, pink, white or ruby color. It belongs to citrus plant families of which oranges and lemons are members. Its tree is a evergreen tree with glossy and dark green leaves. It is a juicy fruit and you can have it by just slicing and peeling it or as juice or you can even mix it with your food. The natural vitamin and phytonutrient contents and the antioxidants have a lot of benefits for your health.


Nutritional Benefits of Grapefruit:

#1: It keeps you slim

  • Daily intake of grapefruits or its juice lowers the fat percentage by decreasing the insulin level that burns extra fats. It contains 32 calories per 100gms which is a very low quantity.
  • Grapefruit juice also reduces stored fat level.


#2: Grapefruits are easy to store

  • Grapefruits do not get affected by high temperature. At room temperature these can be stored for many days which might extend from a week to three months when stored in a refrigerator which is a longer time period than other fruits.


#3: It prevents heart disease

  • Grapefruit contains a large amount of potassium electrolyte which is one of the components of body and cell fluids that keeps your heart perfectly healthy. This is why the nutritional benefits of grapefruit are more helpful for heart patients.
  • It maintains blood pressure which keeps fluctuating due to the sodium effects.


#4: Reduces cancer causing chemicals

  • Grapefruit’s nutritional facts also work against cancer, it contains pectin, a insoluble fiber that protects the colon membrane and prevents it from cancer.
  • The presence of Vitamin A and other flavonoids protects the body from oral cavity cancers and lung cancers as well.
  • The high content of antioxidants also protects it from cancer.


#5: Good for eyesight

  • Vitamin A is present in grapefruit that is the most essential vitamin for vision.
  • The pink and red grapefruits contain beta carotene, lycopene, xanthin, lutein. These are the type of antioxidants that are helpful for good vision and protect the eye membrane.


#6: Fights against infections

  • Infections in the body are a major reason behind various diseases especially skin and stomach disorders. It can make you seriously ill and hence need to be taken care of! The high amount of flavonoid content and antioxidants fights against outer harmful viruses.
  • Its juice increases immunity making your body protective against cardiovascular diseases and the minerals are also helpful against infections.


#7: Decreases cholesterol level

  • Grapefruit’s nutritional benefits are amazing, including it in you diet will help you decreasing cholesterol percentage of your body. The flavonoids present inside burns calories in the body.


#8: Helps to cure breathing problems

  • Vitamin C content in grapefruit solves respiratory problems by improving immunity system in blood. The respiratory problems arise due to asthma, cough, and cold. This is why the nutritional benefits of grapefruit are more helpful for people having breathing problems and running nose problem.


#9: Cures kidney stones

  • Grapefruits obstruct the increase of kidney stones with the high content of Vitamin C.
  • It increases percentage of urinary pH controlling amount of citric acid secretion. So due to this chances calcium stones formation get reduced.


#10: It gives lot of natural supplements to body and heals wounds quickly

  • Grapefruit’s nutrition facts includes many types of minerals, proteins, antioxidants, fiber contents, and other compounds complete the supplements for the body.
  • Vitamin C connects tissue and it is a very good for healing injuries and wounds.


Nutrition Facts of Grapefruit


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