10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Banana

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Banana, Nutrition Facts of Banana

bananaBanana being an essential staple food which is creamy, rich, and soft and is truly delicious to eat. There are mainly two types of banana: one is yellow banana and another is young green banana, both are very good for health as well as good in taste providing some essential vitamins which are very much necessary for health.


Nutritional Benefits of Banana

#1: It is an instant energy provider

  • The essential nutrients provide energy for body which gives you instantaneous energy. Sportsmen eat bananas during break time for this reason.
  • So we recommend you to include a banana in your breakfast diet, one of the most useful nutritional benefits of banana is for people going to gym, they eat banana for gaining energy for doing workout.

#2: Helps in dieting

  • Banana is free of sodium, fat and cholesterol which gives you no extra fat, making you slim trim and beautiful.
  • Eating bananas makes your body burn some calories from carbohydrate in a much easy and quick process.

#3: Helps in making your blood pressure under check

  • Banana having potassium helps in keeping blood pressure under check. Banana has less sodium with much calcium, potassium and protein helps in reducing high blood pressure.

#4. Helpful in preventing heart disease

  • Amount of potassium available in bananas helps in controlling the heart rate
  • It reduces the chances of heart stroke and hypertension.
  • It is also known that banana increases your kid’s brain power with the help of potassium in it.

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#5. Banana is known as happy food

  • Banana helps in reducing stress and irritable emotions because it contains serotonin, dopamine and other chemical which produces 5-HT in your brain. This property makes your stress go away and keeps your mood delightful and enlighten.

#6: It prevents Insomnia

  • Regular eating of banana helps you getting a sound sleep at night.
  • Banana having Tryptophan, amino acid helps in producing Melatonin which is the sleep regulator in your brain produced in darkness. If you eat banana a few hours before bed time it will give you a sound sleep.

#7: It is a good anti aging fruit and stops disease processes

  • It has some anti-oxidants and reactive oxygen species which helps in slowing down the aging effect on your skin, protecting from various disease processes.
  • Bananas contain some antioxidants: lutein, zeaxanthin, beta and alpha caronets which helps reducing aging effect.

#8: Good for hair

  • It protects you from graying hair as it contains chromium, fluoride, manganese, Zink and plenty amounts of copper.
  • It also prevents pigmentation in your body.
  • Eating banana makes your hair black and shiny. It also prevents in split ends and hair breakage.


#9: Good for healing infections

  • As we know bananas are rich in vitamin C which protects body from various infections. It has various factors which help in connecting tissue, absorption of iron and formation of blood.
  • It also has vitamin B-complex which helps in curing diseases like anemia and decreasing homocystine levels in the body.

#10: Helps in treatment for diarrhea

  • In case of diarrhea disease body exhausts vital electrolytes but if we eat banana at that time it will help the body regaining the potassium level which is one of the most necessary electrolyte in our body.
  • One of the good nutritional benefits of banana is that it maintains the fluid level in our body.


Nutrition Facts of Banana


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