10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Cauliflower

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Cauliflower belongs to the cruciferous family, a white flowering vegetable that has numerous health benefits. It is full of nutrients which help us in keeping our body and mind healthy. It is good for your heart, skin, and eyes and for overall health. Here we are listing 10 nutritional benefits of cauliflower –

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#1: Prevention in Cancer

If your diet consists of high cruciferous vegetables then it helps significantly to reduce the risk of cancer and especially breast cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer and prostate cancer . If you include half cup of cauliflower in your regular diet then you will reduce the chance of getting prostate cancer by more than 50%.

#2: Digestion power improved

For optimal digestion, you must include cauliflower in your diet as it is a great source of dietary fiber. If you have enough dietary fiber in your regular diet then it helps in moving things smoothly in the intestines. It is also rich in glucoraphin which will help you to protect your stomach from certain ailments like cancer and ulcers.

#3: Antioxidants

This vegetable has high content of antioxidants which is essential for overall health and also is instrumental in preventing heart diseases and stroke.

#4: Prevents in getting sign of aging

Cauliflower has good amount of anti oxidants which is helpful in destroying the free radicals which speeds up the signs of aging. So it will help you keep your skin young for a long time if you have it regularly.

#5: Anti-inflammatory

It is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin K and this helps in preventing chronic inflammation that is the main reason behind getting arthritis, chronic pain and certain bowel movement.

#6: Pregnancy

A good amount of folate (B9) is found in cauliflower which is a member of B vitamin, which helps in carrying out a healthy pregnancy. The deficiency of folate can lead to many complications regarding the child birth including birth defects and low birth weight.

#7: B Vitamins

Apart from folate there are other members of the B vitamin like niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, and thiamine.

#8: Prevents various heart ailments

It is a good medicine for heart problems as it has high content of allicin, which reduces the occurrence of stroke and various heart diseases.

#9: Helps in reducing weight

Another very useful nutritional benefit of cauliflower is that it helps in reducing body weight! When you are dieting make sure to add cauliflower to your regular diet because it is low in calories and it will help you in many ways. Grating the cauliflower into rice and consuming it instead of rice will be helpful and in the same way boiling the cauliflower and using it instead of smashed potato will help your diet get a healthy and nutritional touch.

#10: Different nutrients helps in different ways

Cauliflower has phosphorus which helps in providing strength to your bones; Selenium helps in providing you with better immune system; sodium helping in balancing the fluids in the body and Manganese helps in forming the enzymes and activating the enzymes.


Nutrition Facts of Cauliflower

Nutritional Facts of Cauliflower

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