10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Peas

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Peas, Nutrition Facts of Peas


If you want to add some extra taste in your meal then adding some green peas will do the trick and you will notice the difference. If you want, you can eat raw peas as well. It is not only tasty but healthy too with so many nutrients found in the peas. You can include the peas in your regular diet and enjoy your meal with a good amount of nutritional benefit helping you to fight several ailments. Listed here are 10 nutritional benefits of peas –

Nutritional Benefits of Peas

#1: Want to lose weight

Peas are low in fat and have much less calorie so it makes up for a healthy diet during weight loss program. It will give you the much required nutrition without adding up any extra calories so it is a must have in your diet.

#2: Effectiveness of Vitamin C

Vitamin C which is found in peas is required in production of collagen which helps in keeping our skin firm. As a powerful anti – oxidant, vitamin C helps in protecting the cells from any damage caused by free radicals. If you include peas in your daily diet then you will have younger skin for long time.

#3: Helpful in Arthritis and Alzheimer’s patient

It has Vitamin K which is proved to be very good in preventing Alzheimer disease an also helpful in arthritis. In order to prevent the neuronal damage in the brain, it is advised that the Alzheimer’s patient include peas in their regular diet.

#4: Managing blood sugar

It slows down the sugar digestion because of the presence of High fiber and protein content. As there is no extra sugar like the white sugar and chemicals therefore it regulates the blood sugar easily.

#5: Good during pregnancy

It is high on folate content making it a very good food for the expecting mothers. Folate is the B- Vitamins which are helpful for DNA synthesis in the cell. If the expecting mothers have foods rich in folate during their pregnancy then issues related to birth defects can be prevented.


#6: Improved eye-sight

Peas contain Lutein, carotenes, zeaxanthin and Vitamin A which are anti oxidants flavonoids. In order to keep the eyes healthy and also maintain the health of mucus membranes then consumption of Vitamin A becomes essential.

#7: Helps in fighting inflammation

The nutrients like Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and folic acid effectively counters the inflammation.

#8: Good for improving digestion

Peas are rich in dietary fiber which is believed to be the best aid for digestion. It helps in improving metabolism which helps in improving digestion

#9: Preventing heart diseases

The anti – oxidant and anti – inflammatory compounds found in peas are said to sustain the healthy blood vessels. If we can consume a good amount of peas then it will fulfill the requirement of Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6 and folate which helps in reducing the homocysteine levels that are considered to be the risk factor of heart diseases.

#10: Strong bones

Another very useful nutritional benefit of peas is that peas have good amount of Vitamin K which secure calcium inside the bones, helping it to be strong. In order to prevent osteoporosis, Vitamin B is important and it is present in the peas.


Nutrition Facts of Peas

nutrition facts of peas

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