10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Blackberries

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Blackberries, Nutrition Facts of Blackberries

Blackberries Fruit

Blackberry fruit belongs to Rubus genus and Rubus ursinus species. It is a very soft fruit which is mostly used for making jam, desserts, wine and candies. They are also known as brambleberries. Mexico is at the leading position in blackberry production. It supplies mostly to the Europe and North America. If we we talk about the nutrition summary then blackberry contains 43kcal energy per 100g. It contains 9.61g carbohydrates which includes 5.3g fiber and 4.88g sugars. Blackberry contains 0.49g fat, 1.39g protein and 88.15g water per 100g.

blackberry fruit

Nutritional Benefits of Blackberries

#1: Blackberries are rich in antioxidants

  • Blackberries are rich in antioxidant content. Also it contains nutrients like salicylic acid, fiber and antho -cyanins. These antioxidants don’t mix with to the main blood stream so it acts as radical scavengers.
  • Antioxidants are good for cardiovascular functionality. Blackberry is black colored due to the presence of antioxidants.


#2: Blackberries can protect you from heart disease

  • A nutrient called salicylic acid is present in blackberry which has useful medicinal benefits.
  • It protects body from certain heart diseases.
  • It also helps in reducing body pains.


#3: Blackberries can protect you from breast cancer

  • One of the best nutritional benefits of blackberries is that it protects women from breast cancer which is a very dangerous disease and can cause death. Estrogen hormone creates breast cancer cells. These days breast cancer is increasing rapidly and is the main challenge in front of the medical field.
  • In blackberry, a nutrient named ellagic acid is present. It is rarely found in certain plants. This ellagic acid can reduce the effect of breast cancer. So Doctors prescribes women to eat blackberry daily.


#4: Blackberries are high in fiber

  • Blackberry contains fibers which is the main nutrient of carbohydrates. So, eating blackberries can give a healthy digestive system as it excretes wastes and toxic materials through the intestine. So, it causes good bowel movements.
  • Pectin is present in blackberry which lowers cholesterol level. If cholesterol level decreases, alternatively the heart disease risks also decreases.

Blackberries Fruit

#5: Blackberries contains low calories

  • Blackberries contain only 43kcal per 100g of this fruit. So we can eat as much we want by restricting calories limit.
  • Recent research says that low calorie foods can give long-life benefits.


#6: Blackberries rich in Vitamin-C

  • Blackberry contains vitamin-C. So as we know it lowers the causes of cancer attacking chances.
  • It also helps in protecting our body’s immune system.


#7: Blackberries contains Vitamin-K

  • It contains vitamin-K which helps in blood clotting and reducing anemia disease.
  • For having healthy bones the main requirement is vitamin-K.


#8: Blackberries contains Folic acid

  • One of the most useful nutrition fact of blackberry is that it contains folic acid which is a B vitamin does some major activities in body functions helping to repair cells.
  • A slight intake of folic acid can reduce the chromosomal defects in sperm.

Blackberry fruit

#9: Blackberries have ORAC value

  • ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value is used to make an ordering of fruits having strong antioxidants. Blackberry has 5347 ORAC value per 100g. So, blackberry is included in top ranked ORAC fruits.


#10: Blackberries contains tannin

  • Blackberries are rich in tannin. Tannins are present more in blackberries which help in tightening the tissues.
  • It also helps in reducing stomach defects. It gives to get rid over the intestinal inflammation.


Blackberries are full of several nutrient values. There are some other nutritional benefits of blackberries as it has many more nutrition facts like it contains sodium, manganese. Sodium maintains the water balance in the body cells and helps in proper function of nerve cells. Manganese causes the absorption of calcium for building healthy bones. This small fruit blackberry is small in size but large in nutritional facts.


Nutrition Facts of Blackberries


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