10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potato

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potato, Nutrition Facts of Sweet Potato


In many homes in the United States sweet potatoes are only considered to be a dish for thanksgiving. Though they are available all the year round but it is the most neglected vegetable. It has whole bunch of nutrients but it is not included in the diet as much it should have been. But it is never too late as you can start having it from today after you go through all the nutritional benefit that it provides. Here are 10 nutritional benefits of sweet potato –

Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potato

#1: Rich source of anti oxidants

It is a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C which helps in preventing different types of cancer. Anti oxidants are produced by the storage enzymes found in sweet potatoes.

#2: Anti inflammatory

Due to the presence of Vitamin B6, beta carotene, vitamin C, and manganese the sweet potato is considered to have the anti inflammatory properties. All these nutrients are very beneficial to cure internal as well as external inflammations.

#3: Helpful in Arthritis

Sweet potato is rich in beta cryptoxanthin which helps in prevention of rheumatoid arthritis. In a recent study it has been proved that people who have included sweet potato in their diet is said to suffer from arthritis less than people who doesn’t consume enough sweet potato.

#4: Helps in balancing blood sugar

The beta carotenoids in sweet potato helps your body responds to insulin and brings stability to your blood sugar level.

#5: Helps in reducing stomach ulcers

Sweet potato is believed to provide a soothing effect to your stomach. The presence of B- Vitamins, Vitamin C, potassium, beta carotene and calcium helps in healing stomach ulcers.


#6: Helpful in irregular bowel movement

The high fiber content in sweet potatoes help the bowel movement smooth.  It also helps in preventing constipation and acidity. The high fiber content is also beneficial in another way as it keeps you stomach full which makes you avoid eating in the middle of your meal.

#7: Provider of the Vitamin A

90% of the body’s vitamin A requirement is fulfilled by Sweet potato. In a recent study it has been proved that if you have Vitamin A deficiency then you might face many lung diseases and emphysema. So in order to protect yourself from the dreadful diseases include sweet potato right away in your regular diet.

#8: Improves digestion and makes you stay healthy

The ample amount of dietary fiber helps in improving the digestive system. Not only that it is also believed that the high fiber content also cleanse up heavy metals like arsenic and also the mercury from digestive tract keeping it healthy.

#9: Helps in weight loss

Another useful nutritional benefit of sweet potato is that it keeps your stomach full for a longer period so you don’t need to eat in between meals. This keeps you away from munching the wafers, cookies or chocolates which are high in calories and contains fat; therefore it helps you to stay away from all of this. Since this one is fat free therefore you are only getting all the good nutrients without putting on weight.

#10: Provides healthy eyesight

The presence of vitamin A makes it a good food for the eyesight too. Consumption of Vitamin A makes your night vision strong.


Nutrition Facts of Sweet Potato

Nutrition Facts of Sweet Potato

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