10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Chicken

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Chicken, Nutrition Facts of Chicken

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If your regular diet includes chicken just because you like it then you will be really happy to know that it provides nutrient which are good for our overall healthy life. Though there are some ifs and buts to it but mainly it is a nutritious food. It is always advised to have chicken fresh rather than consuming the frozen one and even deep fried stuffs must be avoided because it doesn’t provide much benefits. Here providing you 10 nutritional benefits of chicken so that you can enjoy your chicken dish more the next time you have it –

Nutritional Benefits of Chicken

#1: Helps in prevention of Osteoporosis

Most aged people complain of pains due to arthritis or Osteoporosis but you can prevent this situation if you have required amount of chicken consumption. The high content of protein in chicken helps in strengthening the bones.

#2: Helpful in bringing you out of depression

If you are feeling depressed then has some dish which includes chicken as the chicken has high content of amino acid called the Tryptophan which will comfort you and will make you feel you better. It increases level of serotonin in your brain thus enhancing your mood and blasting your stress completely.

#3: Helps in increasing appetite

The zinc content in chicken helps in maintaining a healthy appetite.

#4: Rich in protein

If you want to include lean or low fat protein then you must include chicken in your diet as it will help the growth of your muscle and if you want to lose weight then also it is considered as on e of the best food item.

#5: Prevents heart problems

It is bad for our heart if the level of Homocysteine which is a form of an amino acid increases in our body. But eating chicken breast helps in controlling the level of homocysteine thus keeping our heart healthy.

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#6: Ample amount of phosphorus

Chicken has phosphorus in good quantity so having chicken ensures that your teeth, kidney, central nervous system and liver stay healthy for a longer period of time.

#7: Abundant selenium

Another nutritional benefit of Chicken is that an essential nutrient in form of selenium is found in chicken which really helps in thyroid, hormone and immune function. People suffering from these ailments are advised to have their daily dose of chicken in order to keep the level normal.

#8: Boosts metabolism and burns out the calories

Vitamin B6 which is a B-Complex vitamin keeps your blood vessels healthy. Consuming chicken will enhance your energy level and you will also be able to burn those calories to maintain a healthy body. You will be able to engage yourself in various activities if your energy level is high.

#9: Niacin helps

You will find Niacin which is a B- vitamin that gives you protection from cancer and other genetic (DNA) damages.

#10: High level of beta – carotene

We all know Vitamin A is important for healthy eyesight therefore chicken which have retinol, alpha and beta-carotene becomes automatic choice for everybody. Not only improved vision, it actually improves our night vision.


Nutrition Facts of Chicken

nutrition facts of chicken

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