10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Cherries

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Cherries, Nutrition Facts of Cherries


Cherry is a beautiful fruit with mesmerizing looks and intoxicating aroma which makes it hell of a fruit. beside its beautiful looks, there are many nutritional benefits of cherries. Cherry’s season is very short but it is available all the time all around the world.

Cherries belong to super fruit group for its essential nutrients, availability of many antioxidants and vitamins. It is a delicious round shaped fruit which belongs to the group of peaches and apricots. Two types of cherries are available which are sweet cherries and sour cherries. Cherries can be eaten in different ways like snacks, juice and tarts. Cherries are red and reddish black in color with fleshy texture and very small in size.


Nutritional Benefits of Cherries

#1: It cures heart diseases

  • Cherries contain large amount of antioxidants like anthocyanins which is helpful in protecting heart diseases.
  • It also contains melatonin which belongs to antioxidant group that regulates heart rate preventing you from stroke and heart attack. This is why the nutritional benefits of cherries are good for heart patients.


#2: It maintains good health

  • Anthocyanins present in cherries maintain your health. Various antioxidant contents decreases free radical concentration which is harmful to body.
  • It also maintains oxygen capacity required by blood.


#3: It protects your eye

  • Cherry’s nutrition facts include Vitamin A, which is the most essential component for eye. Vitamin A contains beta carotenes present in cherries which is much more than blueberries’s vitamin A content. So presence of this vitamin cures many types of eye related diseases.


#4: It makes you stress free

  • The nutritional benefits of cherries can help you getting out of stress, as it contains melatonin which is a type of antioxidant. Melatonin is a stable antioxidant by crossing the blood brain barrier, it makes brain to operate smooth and also helps to relax your nervous system for which brain diseases like neurosis, insomnia, and headache get cured.

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#5: It possesses anti-inflammatory properties

  • Cherries act as anti-inflammatory agent that is why cherries are able to reduce pain of your body. Athletes and runners take full advantage of cherries that helps in soreness of joint and helps them during workout session. It reduces swelling that gives benefit to disease gout.


#6: Its a good pain killer

  • TheĀ nutritional benefits of cherries can also help you getting out of body pain as tart cherries contain some chemicals that help in reducing pain and headache. It works better than Aspirin and ibuprofen.
  • Arthritis also can be cured by daily consuming of cherries.
  • The pain killing chemicals make cherry reddish black in color and contain great pain relief properties.
  • It also cures muscle pain and back pain.


#7: It has high antioxidant properties

  • Cherries are enriched with flavonoid compounds which are anthocyanin glycosides that create red, blue and purple pigments in some fruits and vegetables. These show powerful antioxidant properties and are helpful in curing many diseases.


#8: It cures diabetes

  • Cherries nutritional benefits are quite amazing, presence of large amount of antioxidant compounds in this fruit maintains metabolism of the human body that is why cherries have the ability to reduce the risk of diabetes.
  • Cherries contains very less amount of cholesterol and low fat which balances your nutrition and protects from diseases like diabetes.
  • Fiber content also helps in your digestive system.


#9: It is a smart choice for your snacks

  • Cherries are very low in calories with very low fat percentage. So it maintains your weight and gives you a perfect body.
  • Cherry’s nutrition facts includes almost all vital nutrients which gives you full satisfaction from your daily food intake.


#10: It balances pH percentage in the body

  • Cherries are alkaline in nature. So they maintain ideal pH balance in your body.
    It is also great source of energy for the body.


Nutrition Facts of Cherries


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