10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Olives

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Olives, Nutrition Facts of Olives


If you are amongst those groups of people who loves olives in everything they eat then you will be glad to know that not only it tastes good but have nutritional benefits too. It may be those yummy sandwiches or pizza or green salads wherever you add it enhances the taste. Black olives or the green ones, you will love it in any form.  Read on to know 10 nutritional benefits of Olive –

 Nutritional Benefits of Olives

#1: Helps in improving the heart condition

The free radicals oxidize cholesterol which in turn damages the blood vessels and allows the fat to build up in the arteries which eventually lead to heart attack. The black olive is rich in antioxidants nutrients which help in slowing down the oxidation of cholesterol thus helping in the prevention of heart attack. Olive contains monounsaturated fat which increases good cholesterol.

#2: God for weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight then olives will help you achieve that. The monounsaturated fat enhances weight loss so add some extra olives in your regular diet as it will keep your stomach full without adding any extra calories.

#3: Helps in prevention of cancer

Olives have high content of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and that is why they naturally help in prevention of cancer. The chronic oxidative stress and also the chronic inflammation are held to be the key factors in developing cancer. The contents of olives help our body to fight against this process thus preventing cancer.

#4: Natural Ibuprofen

There are various types of olives grown all over and some of them being Spanish – type Green Olives, Kalamata – style olives and various other preparations of olives are also found. Their antioxidant and anti – inflammatory nutrients can work as natural Ibuprofen.

#5: Glowing skin and healthy hair

You will find fatty acids and antioxidants that will nourish, keep it moisturized and protects from any bad effects. Olives contains Vitamin E which is good for skin when you apply it on your face it keeps your face protected from ultraviolet rays which can cause cancer and premature aging also.

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#6: Prevents allergy break outs

The anti inflammatory benefit is that the olives have helps in reducing the allergy to a high extent. Olives can be considered for an out and out anti – allergenic diet.

#7: Helps in improving digestion

Vitamin E and monosaturated fats found in black olives are said to be good for lowering the rates of colon cancer. It also helps in getting a good digestive system due to the high content of fiber.

#8: Good immune system

Black Olives are very good content of iron. Iron helps the red blood cells to carry out oxygen in our whole body. If we do not consume enough iron then the tissues in our body will not get enough oxygen making us feel cold and weak. So in order to boost our immune system it is essential that we have proper intake of iron.

#9: Improves vision

Vitamin A, as we all know is the source of keeping our vision healthy and helps us in improving our night vision. Olives are said to be good source of Vitamin A.

#10: Blood levels of Glutathione increases

Another nutritional benefit of olives is that it increases the blood levels of Glutathione which improves the antioxidant capacity.


Nutrition Facts of Olives

nutrition facts of olives

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