10 Interesting Facts About Edgar Allen Poe

Little known, Amazing & Interesting Facts About Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen PoeAll of us have read the poem “the raven in our school days” and have been mesmerized by it. It was written by Edgar Allen Poe and here are a few very interesting facts about Edgar Allen Poe that you wouldn’t have come across as for now.

Interesting Facts About Edgar Allen Poe

 #1: The Ladies Man

Not only looks but the intellect of a man attracts a woman more.  Such was the case with Poe as women always fought to have him attend their parties and were swooned when he read his poems. However there was a particular woman who thought she had cleared her way to Poe’s heart by announcing his affair with the married Frances Osgood which I think is a particularly ineffective way to get your man.

#2: Overnight Star

Almost overnight, Americans were chanting the catchword ‘nevermore.” Parodies popped up in newspapers across the country and kids followed him down the street, flapping their arms.

#3: Cat Fancier

In spite of his tale about the murdered black feline, Poe loved cats and they loved him. His devoted tortoiseshell, Caterina, went into a depression whenever Poe traveled. Upon his death, their psychic tie was broken. She died two weeks later.

#4: Rent is always a problem

Poe was able to clear around a sum of $400 in the year 1845, when “The Raven” was written. Indeed it was a banner year for his wallet. However other than that most of the times he had to ask his friends and family for money to pay off the rent.

#5: It’s all in the looks

We see his shabby pictures and think of him as not so well kept man but actually he was one hell of a looker, considering his pictures that were taken during “The Raven”. Or how else do you think he would have got so many women to love him..


#6: Personal reasons that make you happy

 Poe holds a record of swimming six miles up the James tidal river and was very athletic. He would often go hiking in the country side. Probably that was another reason why he was such a temptation for women all around during his time.

#7: Just a matter of time

The fact that in 1845 he was all over the news and people’s heart but by the time the year 1846 arrived, he was only considered a chump and all the literary circles that renounced him had shown him the exit gate.

#8: Sherlock Holmes

Poe wrote about a French detective in his time and it was those stories that served as an inspiration for the stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

#9: Lord of Romance

Another interesting fact about Edgar Allen Poe is that he has been entitled as the lord of romance by Oscar Wilde.  After all why wouldn’t he be, considering his amazing pieces of work that are read by today’s generation as well and will continue to be read in the future as well.

#10: The First Publishing

The first thing that was published by Poe was a pamphlet of poems written by him when he was aged 14.

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