10 Interesting Facts About Physics

Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Physics


The reason why every child dreads the science paper, wondering why was it only an apple that fell on Newton’s head and not a bomb, burning with jealousy caused by the ease at which the commerce students flip the pages of their book, forever questioning the time that changes according to how fast you are moving and various other weird theories that have been put forward by the physicists over time and hoping for their silver lining to arrive soon. This is the general mindset of every student about to face a physics examination the next day. So, here are few amazing & very interesting facts about Physics which shall help you to get through the night and emerge as heroes.

Interesting Facts About Physics

#1: Every Woman’s Dream

Being an astronaut is the dream a majority of women. Well, now we know why? Both velocity and gravity have an effect on the speed of time; the higher the velocity, the slower time passes. Astronauts present at the International Space Station (ISS), who are in reduced gravity compared to people on Earth but traveling at increased speed about it, experience time more slowly, at a rate of roughly 1 second ‘lost’ every 747 days, so the lady still gets to feel pretty 😛

#2: The Inconsistent Light

We are always told to be as fast as light. Well here is answer for all those who hate being told that. Light travels fast only in a vacuum. It is slowed whenever it passes through something, being measured as traveling as slowly as just 38 miles per hour at absolute zero (-273.15C) through ultra-cooled rubidium.

#3: As Small as a Sugar Cube

Atoms have 99.9999999999999 per cent empty space. If you force all the atoms jointly, eradicating the space between them, grinding them down so the all those vast empty cathedrals would compressed into the small nuclei, a single teaspoon or sugar cube of the resulting mass would weigh five billion tons; about ten times the weight of all the humans who are currently alive.

#4: The Mysterious Question

Despite all the advances made in astrophysics in recent years, we don’t know what makes up the majority of the universe. The possible to make reasonable estimates of the mass of the universe, except the visible matter (stars, planets, stellar objects) only accounts for 2% of that; what exactly makes up the rest – so-called ‘dark matter’ and ‘dark energy’ – remains a mystery.

#5: The Shining Angle

Sunlight reflects off water at the same angle it is shines on it.


#6: The Under Pressure

Diamonds can be made from graphite by applying a temperature of 3000 Celsius and pressure as high as 100,000 atm.

#7: Feeling Wet!

50 times as much as all the water that is present in the rivers and lakes combined is present in the ground soil.

#8: The Warmth

The amount of heat in the Earth’s entire atmosphere is equivalent to the heat present in the first ten feet of the ocean.

#9: The Smart Swimmer

One of the most amazing & interesting fact about Physics on earth is “The Dead Sea”, which is known for its density due to the presence of salt, as a result of which you can easily float on it without drowning, so one can always claim to be a swimmer there.

#10: The Competitors

The flashing lightning bolt is 3 times hotter compared to the sun, seems like the sun also has to face competition.

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