10 Interesting Facts About Natural Disasters

Horrible, Amazing & Interesting Facts About Natural Disasters

Natural Disaster - Tornado

To attain perfection we must commit debacles. A disaster by us can be mended but one by nature cant. A off the hook, action by Mother Nature results in consequences whose very thoughts can give us goose bumps and sleepless nights. I wonder why nature is known as the Mother Nature because I yet haven’t encountered a mother who can take away the life of its own child leaving him/her in extreme pain and suffering, causing irreparable damages, killing the innocent, torturing us when we meddle with its ways. Surviving a natural disaster can make even an atheist run to temples every day and continuously pray kneeling before the lord’s statue for hours with honest and pure dedication. A few of such horrifying and interesting facts about natural disasters are listed herein:


Interesting Facts About Natural Disasters

#1: The Swayed Chile

The country of Chile is known to have faced the largest earthquake ever crossed the path of humanity in the year 1960. It was a whopping 9.5 on the Moment Magnitude scale, which also resulted in a tsunami that caused damage over 9,000 miles away on the California coast, taking away the lives of many.


#2: Measuring Damages

Fujita scale is used to rate the intensity of a tornado. It’s used for the purpose of examining the damage done to man-made structures after the fact. The scale ranges from F0 (Gale) with winds of 40-73 mph to an F5 (Incredible) with winds from 261-319 mph.


#3: The Atrocity of an Avalanche

As per, National Geographic channel, in most of avalanche fatalities, the avalanche is started by the sufferer or someone in the sufferer’s party. The difference between life and death can be examined by digging out the victim. Victims rescued within 15 minutes survived are most likely to survive. However the rate drops to 20 to 30 percent after 45 minutes and worsens further on from there.


#4: The Volcano Ring

The Ring of Fire in the Pacific Ocean is known to consist 90 percent of the total 1900 active volcanoes all over the world.


#5: The Damaging Brothers

Sustaining winds of at least 74 miles per hour is essential when a tropical storm has to be upgraded to the level of a hurricane.


#6: The Flowing Devil

The Huang He River also known as the yellow river in China has been responsible for some of the most lethal floods in history of mankind. The worst of all took place in 1931; deaths from which were estimated to extend from 1.5 million to as many as 4 million.


#7: Burning City

San Francisco has been considered to have faced the worst time of all in the year of 1906 when it faced an earthquake, which did not cause as much damage as a three day fire did that was followed by it.


#8: Liquid Rock

One of the most interesting facts about natural disasters is that Lava, also known as the molten rock ejaculated by a volcano is known to touch temperatures of roughly 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Just imagine the heat of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit!


#9: Smaller the Better

Southern California experiences over 10,000 earthquakes every 365 days. Most are too small to be felt.


#10: The Killing Breath

In Lake Nyos, Cameroon, a linmic eruption (a release of carbon dioxide gas) killed around 1,700 villagers in 1986. The odorless and colorless gas is heavier than air and floated across the ground to the village where it asphyxiated the residents while they slept.

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