10 Interesting Facts About Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a small country located in central Asia. It is amongst of the smallest nations in Central Asia, when considered in terms of area. The official name of Tajikistan is the ‘Republic of Tajikistan’. Tajikistan’s population is mainly constituted by the Sunni Muslims. The Shiite Muslims come second. There are also Christians present too.

Tajikistan established diplomatic ties with China in 1992, after which both the countries have managed to stay on friendly terms. Here are some interesting facts about Tajikistan-

Tajikistan Flag

Tajikistan Flag – Photo by Nicolas Raymond

Interesting Facts About Tajikistan

#1: Land of Tajiks

The present territory of Tajikistan was once part of the Persian Empire and till date it is influenced by Persian culture. Since the 10th century, the Word ‘Tajik’ helps differentiate the Iranians and the Turks.

#2: Landscape

Karakul Lake

Karakul Lake – Photo by Preston Rhea

  • Major part of Tajikistan is covered by the mountains of the Pamir Mountain Range. The country has only 6% land, 94% of its area covered with mountain. It is said that at least a half of the country lies at an altitude of at least 3000 m above sea level.
  • We can see Lake in mountain ranges-Lake Karakul is located in the Pamir Mountain Range and it is 3915 meters above sea level.

#3: Landlocked Territory

Tajikistan is completely landlocked. Although it contains a few small lakes they contribute to the mere two percent water coverage of the country.

#4: Yeti

Russian soldiers are reported to have seen the Abominable Snowman or the ‘Yeti’ in the Pamir Mountain ranges. The legend of the Yeti is still considered to exist in Tajikistan.

#5: Capital city means “Monday”

The capital of Tajikistan – Dushanbe, which is also the largest city, named Monday. This is because, this city was emerged from a village which was popular by the name of Monday market place. Dushanbe means Monday in Tajik language.

#6:  Independence in 1991

Tajikistan is a fairly young country. It gained independence in 1991.Tajikistan was ruled over by USSR from 1920s to 1991. It was one of 15 republics that made up the Soviet Union and was known as Tajik SSR.

#7: Civil war

  • The civil war in Tajikistan started in 1992 and continued till 1997. The protesters were against the presidential elections and demanded fair representation in the country.
  • In the month of June 26, 1997, the two sides came to a treaty and a peace accordance was signed, thus ceasing the war.

#8: Tajik-Afghan Friendship Bridge

Tajik-Afghan Friendship Bridge

Tajik-Afghan Friendship Bridge – Photo by Khwahan

The United States governmental supported Tajikistan post civil war. United States helped in building a suspension bridge that is a hundred and thirty five meters long connecting Tajikistan to Afghanistan. This facilitated trade to southern Asia and aided Tajikistan overcome after war effects including poverty.  It is sometimes called the “Tajik-Afghan Friendship Bridge”.

#9: Silk Road

Silk Road was a major trade route between China and Europe. It passed through Tajikistan.

#10: The Wakhan Corridor

  • The Wakhan Corridor is part of Afghanistan. It runs between Tajikistan and Pakistan and thus separating borders of the two countries. Though the two countries are besides each other, their borders will never meet.
  • It is sometimes called the Wakhan Salient. It was a narrow route with some places less than ten miles wide. Once part of this route we called silk road which happened to be a major trade route.
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