10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Spinach

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Spinach, Nutrition Facts of Spinach

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Spinach is a winter super food which is delicious to taste (though many people like me might disagree with the fact) but the taste can be ignored considering the nutritional benefits of spinach. This green leafy vegetable is enriched with essential nutritional elements that give protection to health. Spinach can be cooked and has more health benefits than raw spinach (actually information for those who are planning to eat it raw). You can also drink it as juice which makes the healthiest way for the consuming process towards it.

There are different recipes of spinach. One of the best dish being palak paneer which is a delicious Indian spinach dish that gives you best way of eating spinach. Believe me! It even makes my mouth watery being a spinach-hater. Other dishes are also made out of spinach and that varies country to country.


Nutritional Benefits of Spinach:

1. Spinach contains one nutrient which is Glycoclycerolipids protects you from damage of digestive system. Sometimes indigestion happens due to inflammation but with the help of these leaves indigestion can be prevented.

2.One of the nutritional benefits of Spinach is that it is best food for taking care of your skin. Different vitamins and minerals present in spinach relax your skin from drying and itching conditions. It gives you more fairer and lavish complexion. So you can consume spinach juice daily to improve your health of skin.


3. Spinach contains large amount of phyto-nutrients which are good to health with a disease curing potential. It is also low in calorie and low in fats. So it is helpful in reducing weight and maintaining a lean figure. The soluble fiber content also breaks down the cholesterol and burns extra fat.

4. These leaves also contain large amount of vitamin K that is helpful for maintenance of good bone health. Vitamin K also has proved to be effective for brain functions. It reduces stress and irritation. If you consume spinach daily Alzheimer’s disease also can be cured.

5. Spinach also possesses high antioxidant properties with flavonoid elements like lutein, zea xanthin and beta carotene and also antioxidant vitamins which include Vitamin A & C that cures many diseases. These nutrition facts of spinach reduce the harmful oxygen free radicals percentage and ROS molecules as well.


6. Spinach contains high amount of flavonoid compounds that possesses anti-inflammatory and anticancer properties. It protects from different cancers including colon, prostate and various other cancer types. This is why nutritional benefits of spinach are considered very helpful for cancer patients.

7. The green vegetable eaters consume good health. Spinach opposes the problems in brain functioning which is caused due to aging. It protects joints and keeps your bone proper functioning in old age.

8. This vegetable also rich in mineral compounds which include potassium, manganese, magnesium, copper and zinc. Potassium protects heart, manganese and copper are antioxidant that protect from diseases. Copper produces red blood cells and zinc helps in growth and development, digestion and nucleic acid synthesis.


9. Spinach is enriched with vitamin C which works as antioxidant properties. It gives a protection status again infection causing elements. It also reduces oxygen derived free radicals which causes many diseases. It protects from harmful bacteria present in the atmosphere.

10. Spinach’s nutrition facts also includes high amount of iron that builds red blood cells. This also reduces oxidation at the time of cellular metabolism. Zea xanthin another dietary element that protects from harmful UV radiations Vitamin A keeps eye healthy and gives a good vision. This is why it is said that the nutritional benefits of spinach covers approximately your whole body.


Nutrition Facts of Spinach


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