10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Tea

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Tea, Nutrition Facts of Tea


Most of us need a hot cup of tea in the morning to wake up. Irrespective of what the climate is we love our cup of tea in the morning. Moreover, when it has so many nutritional benefits it is good to start our day with a cup of tea. But it must be remembered that it is not good when you have excess of anything. It always causes you harm, so just having limited quantity of tea will save your day and will also prove to be healthy. It has been used as medicinal purpose for the people who has constipation problem. There are varieties of tea that you can experience all through the day. You have the green tea variant, then you can try out black tea and the normal tea with milk is there among various others. Now coming to the beneficial part, the 10 nutritional benefits of tea are as follows –

Nutritional Benefits of Tea

#1: Unsweetened tea is low in calories

If you are having tea without sugar then it is much healthier. It can be black or freshly brewed or even green tea, have your tea in any form you want it is 100% natural and has no fat or calories or sodium or sugar. So if you are going in for a weight loss then tea is a good substitute for those caffeinated drinks.

#2: Filled with Phytonutrients

You have flavonoids which are a type of antioxidants found majorly in black or green tea. This helps you in maintaining healthy cells and tissues along with taking care of cardiovascular function.

#3: Provides protection from heart attacks

Aspirin is known to provide protection against heart attack or stroke. It actually reduces the tendency of sticking together of blood platelets in order to block arteries by clot formation. The study has proved that flavonoids also works like Aspirin and it also reduces the tendency of sticking together of blood platelets.

#4: High ORAC score

Through a test tube called ORAC it has been tested that with only 8 ounce of black or green tea servings has much more effect in the neutralization of free radicals than consuming 33 common fruits and vegetables.

#5: No excess caffeine

When you compare coffee with tea you will find that tea has half the amount of caffeine per serving. So, moderate intake of caffeine would cause no harm to you.


#6: Helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases

When a comparison was made between people who consumed tea with that of people who tend to avoid them, it was seen that the rate of death due to coronary diseases was more in people who miss their cup of tea.

#7: Reduces the risk of cancer

Another very useful nutritional benefit of tea is that the black and green tea both helps in delaying the formation of lung tumors, colon tumors, etc.

#8: Improves mental alertness

Research has proved that having a cup of tea instantly revives as the mental alertness is improved for better.

#9: Improves brain function

Green tea contains acid L-theanine which gets combined with caffeine works wonder for brain functions.

#10: Reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disorders

The green tea which is rich in bio-active compounds which protects neurons and helps in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.


Nutrition Facts of Tea

nutrition facts of tea

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