10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Almonds

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Almonds, Nutrition Facts of Almonds


Almond is one of the delicious dry fruit of the world. The consumption of almond is restricted to 1-4 numbers daily for figure conscious people. Dry fruits are considered royal food because they are cultivated with much difficulty and hence really expensive (one more reason to why you should have only 1-4 daily) but the price can be overlooked considering the extraordinary nutritional benefits of almonds. Almond trees are mostly found in Asian countries.

The drupe shaped almond fruits are very nice to look and the tree bears beautiful whitish pink flower which comes in autumn season. Inside the fruit an edible seed is present and it is protected by a stony hard cell. These almond seeds come in oval or conical shape with a nice brown color. This fruit is included in super fruit groups for its lot of health benefits and nutritional elements. Almonds are available in different forms in the market which may be in almond milk, almond flour, or almond butter or in the nutritional foods. Almond and coconut bars are also available in the market.

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Nutritional Benefits of Almonds:

1. Almonds are very much essential for your growth of hair. The lot of dietary fiber contents are very much helpful for the re growth of hair and protects it from damage. It also gives you a shiny black hair which gives a perfect look for your attractive hair styles. These nutritional benefits of almonds are used to make hair oils.


2. Almond’s nutrition facts are amazing; they are rich in vitamins, minerals, other phyto chemicals and dietary fibers that have much protection activity against diseases. The cancer curing elements present in this fruit makes this fruit a healthy and proper nutritional food.


3. Almonds have a protective ability for your heart because these contain lots of nutrition supplements like vitamins and minerals that can build a healthy heart with the help of vitamin E. These fruits consume negligible cholesterol that makes itself a proper diet food for your heart. This is why nutritional benefits of almonds are helpful for heart patients.


4. The phosphorus content of almonds gives you a special benefit of consuming minerals for your body. So this makes your bone and teeth healthy. It also lets the body use protein, fat and carbohydrates which come from different sources.

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5. Almonds also contain a good amount of zinc which fulfils the daily consuming percentage of zinc by the body. This compound has wound healing property and the protein metabolism. It can also develop the reproductive system of the body.


6. The raw almonds are very much beneficial to health. It increases hunger. The fiber and protein content gives you a full diet with low calorie content. You can eat almonds with any of your foods and get energized without craving for more food.


7. The vitamin E is a lipid; it is a powerful soluble antioxidant which is the most essential component to maintain the cell membrane integrity of the mucus membrane and skin. It protects the body by reducing the oxygen free radicals which can cause many diseases and harm to your body.


8. Almond protects your skin and saves it from becoming dry. It is one of the traditional ayurvedic medicines which are used in aroma therapy, cosmetics products, and other pharmaceutical industries. These nutritional benefits of almonds are used to make beauty products like face scrubs, anti-aging creams, anti-wrinkle creams etc.


9. Almond alternatives available in market are helpful to the people who have problem in consuming daily food and diet. The almond butter and almond milk gives sufficient amount of protein to your body.


10. Almonds contain folic acid that makes the red blood cells. It cures heart diseases and reduces chances of heart attack. The nutritional benefits of almonds works very good for pregnant women, as vitamin B present in almonds also reduces chances of birth defects.


Nutrition Facts of Almonds


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