10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Mango

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Mango, Nutrition Facts of Mango

Mango fruit

Mangoes are the tasty seasonal fruit with some healthy ingredients. It is known as the King of Fruits. India is the main Mango producing country in the world. Mangoes are rich in micro nutrients and Vitamin C and beta carotene which are otherwise Vitamin A and are very good for health. There are 400 types of mangoes available all over the world and Alphonso, Benishaan, Kesar are most popular mango types. Its unique flavor, fragrance and taste make it most popular among people.


Nutritional Benefits of Mango:

#1. Mangoes have cancer preventing properties

  • The anti oxidant compounds in mangoes protects you from cancer. As we know cancer is found as Colon cancer, breast cancer, leukemia and prostate cancer which causes cancer in the body.
  • The antioxidant compounds in mangoes fight against these types of cancers and the compounds are qurcetin, isoquertrin, astragalin, fisetin, gallic acid and methyigallat along with enzymes that are good for health. This is why the nutritional benefits of mango can do wonders for cancer patients.


#2. It lowers cholesterol

  • Mangoes contain large amount of fiber, protein and Vitamin C and these elements helps in lowering the cholesterol level in the body.
  • Cholesterol contains low density lipoprotein which is bad cholesterol. Mangoes produce High density lipoprotein which balances the cholesterol level.


#3. Keeps healthy eye

  • One of the useful health benefit of mangoes is that they are rich in Vitamin A and some flavonoids which are like beta carotene, alpha carotene and beta cryptoxanthin.
  • You can find 20% of vitamin A in mangoes. Vitamin A, consuming some antioxidant properties is very much necessary compounds for eye sight. This component in mango helps for your vision and maintains the eye sight.


#4. Fights against infection

  • Mangoes are rich in Vitamin-B6, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. These components are helpful against infectious agents and harmful oxygen free radicals.
  • Vitamin B6 produces GABA hormone inside the brain which contains the homocystiene level in blood. The production of homocystiene levels is harmful for blood vessels which causes stroke and CAD.


#5. It helps in production of red blood vessels

  • Mangoes contain some amount of copper which is a cofactor for vital enzymes like cytochrome c oxidase and superoxide dismutase. These compounds make the blood vessels. Copper present in mango helps in this process.


#6. Good for skin

  • Mangoes gives daily care to your skin and lets it glow in a natural way.
  • Mangoes clear the clogged pores in the skin and make it clear and smooth. It also reduces pimples.


#7. Protects against diabetes

  • One of the most useful nutritional benefits of mango leaves is that it helps in decreasing diabetes by increasing the insulin percentage in the blood. To prevent diabetes you need to boil leaves in water and soaking it for couple of hours and the daily usage of the filtered water helps in diabetes. Its natural sugar helps you fight the disease.

mango fruit

#8. It improves digestion

  • Mangoes contain enzymes that break down protein. Fiber present in mangoes helps in digestion problem and eliminates the property of indigestion.


#9. Mango reduces sun stroke and heat stroke

  • The cool pulp of mangoes helps in reducing the heat in your body. Mango juice is also helpful for the process. When strong sun energy burns your body and muscles one glass of mango helps you recover from body heat.
  • By sun stroke kidneys get overloaded with toxins and mango decreases it and helps you cool down.


#10. It alkalizes the entire body

  • One of the useful nutrition fact of mango often neglected is that it contains Tartaric acid, malic acid and citric acid which maintains the percentage of alkali in the body.


Nutrition Facts of Mango


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