10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Milk

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From our childhood we are told that we must consume milk daily as it helps us to have a healthy body and mind. Mostly we hated to have that glass of milk at night but there are some who loves to have a glass of warm milk. As we grow old the intake of milk only happens when we are having tea or coffee. We tend to neglect the rich source of vitamins and nutrients that we can get through this one glass of milk. The 10 nutritional benefits of milk are –

Nutritional Benefits of Milk

#1: Healthy skin

Rich source of Lactic acid which acts as an exfoliant and enzymes and provides smooth skin. Amino acid is also present in milk which keeps the skin moisturized. It can also save us from the toxins that are so prevalent in our environment today because it is filled with antioxidants.

#2: Helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth

Calcium is found in high quantity in milk. The young children whose bones are growing, adults who need to maintain strong bones and old people who need to prevent osteoporosis must have a glass of milk every day. If you want to have strong teeth then also milk is important. Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium in the body so anybody suffering from the deficiency of Vitamin D can have milk which is rich in Vitamin D

#3: Rebuilding muscles

Protein is present in high quantity in milk therefore people who are interested in building muscles must have milk. Drinking a glass of milk after exercising is the best thing to do. The fluid amount that was lost during the exercise can be regained by having a glass of milk.

#4: Helps in losing weight

If you have low fat or skim milk daily then you are more likely to lose weight than those who doesn’t.

#5: Blood pressure under control

Irrespective of adult or children if anybody includes 3 portions of dairy along with 5 portions of fruits and vegetables in their low salt diet then they will be able to reduce the high blood pressure.


#6: Heart problems at bay

If you want to keep your heart problem at bay then having a glass of milk is surely going to help you. The Calcium found in the milk has reduced the risk of the cardiovascular disease.

#7: Type 2 Diabetes

It is a proven fact that people who have regular intake of milk them does not face serious threat of Type 2 Diabetes. The presence of calcium and magnesium does the trick and the presence of low glycaemic index reduces or maintains the blood sugar levels.

#8: Cancer

Another very useful nutritional benefit of milk is that apart from calcium Conjugated Linoleic acid is also found in milk which is said to be very good for the prevention of colon cancer.

#9: Body remains hydrated

If your body is not hydrated then it might lead to poor concentration and memory will also not function well therefore having a glass of milk will save the cause.

#10: Releases stress

A warm glass of milk relaxes the tense muscle and also pacifies frayed nerves so it is very important that you do not shy away from the glass of milk.


Nutrition Facts of Milk

nutrition facts of milk

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