10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Brussels Sprouts

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Brussels Sprouts, Nutrition Facts of Brussels Sprouts


Brussels Sprout is one of the healthiest vegetables with lot of protein, minerals content which is truly beneficial for health. It looks like little cabbages with fresh and crispy taste. But I tell u, it’s a magician! Apart from the common health benefits that most provide it has a unique property: Brussels Sprouts nutritional benefits helps in DNA protection and improves stability of DNA inside of our white blood cells. Isn’t it amazing!

This green vegetable can be eaten in salads and it is a great snack for you. These are the buds cultivated in winter season in a frost condition. It has a delicate flavor and you must include this bud to your regular diet chart. But unfortunately it isn’t available that easily everywhere.


Nutritional Benefits of Brussels Sprouts:

1. Brussels sprout has high fiber content that dissolves the cholesterol level by binding with bile acids. These also reduce fat percentage. So this is helpful to lower the cholesterol percentage inside our body and thus keeps us safe from many harmful diseases.


2. Nutritional benefits of Brussels Sprouts helps in curing many diseases as it  is enriched with glucosinolates which is helpful in curing many cancer diseases like breast cancer, colon cancer, lung and bladder cancer and ovarian cancer as well.


3. This vegetable also possesses anti-inflammatory properties. The content of glucobrassicin which is a glucosinolate gives protection against inflammation of indole-3-carbinol. The omega fatty acids present in Brussels sprout is known to message the anti-inflammation molecules. Vitamin K also possesses anti-inflammatory properties.


4. Brussels sprout are rich in dietary fiber percentage. This is helpful against indigestion. So this regulates bowel movement and protects you from constipation and also lowers the blood sugar level. Another compound Sulforaphane protects from gastric and maintains your stomach keeping it healthy.


5. It also helps in enhancing immune system. It contains large amount of vitamin C which shows great immune property for fighting many diseases. If you eat Brussels sprout daily your body will react protective against viral infections which may be cold and flu and other harmful bacterial diseases also.


6. Brussels Sprout encourages cardiovascular health. The anti-inflammatory properties of these vegetables are also helpful in reducing cardiovascular diseases and problems. It also maintains blood flow rate and protects blood vessels. It keeps the arteries totally fine and fights against blockage.


7. Antioxidants present in these vegetables that are high in vitamin C, E and A along with mineral manganese protects from many diseases. The flavonoid antioxidant compounds are helpful to protect the body from oxidative stress of the cells of body. So the nutritional benefits of brussels sprouts gives a proper maintenance for your cell structure.


8. One of the vitamin content which is vitamin K protects your bone. This vitamin regulates the osteotrophic activity that gives you healthy bones. It also prevents from neurological damage to the brain and protects from Alzheimer’s disease. That is why nutritional benefits of brussels sprouts are good for reducing stress and irritation.


9. Brussels Sprout’s nutrition facts include various minerals contents like copper, phosphorus, iron, potassium and manganese which help providing protection from many diseases. Potassium keeps heart healthy by maintaining blood pressure and heart rate. Iron forms red blood cells and manganese is required to regulate cell body fluids which decreases sodium effect. Thus these minerals are helpful for you in many ways and give you good health.


10. Zea xanthin is a powerful antioxidant that protects your eyes from UV light and does many light filtering functions. It protects the retina from age related diseases. So the nutritional benefits of brussels sprouts makes it a great choice for old people.


Nutrition Facts of Brussels Sprouts


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