10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Goji Berries

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Goji Berries, Nutrition Facts of Goji Berries


Goji berries also known as wolf berries are one of the members of berry-family which kind of resembles raisins. It is normally red to orange in colour. When it comes to berries they normally taste good and so does this. It tastes pretty good.  You can choose your own way how to eat it. Along with the goodness of taste it also contains lot of nutrients for which it is included in the super fruit category.

It was used as medicine in ancient times in north China. It is mainly cultivated in summer season. Goji berries are sold in dry items except some areas where it is mainly cultivated. Dried Goji berries have natural nutrients also because they derive properties from fresh berries. Lets checkout the nutritional benefits of goji berries

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Nutritional Benefits of Goji Berries:

#1: Its a healthy breakfast

  • Goji berries are a proper breakfast with proper nutrients. You can have it with another fruits like kiwi, mango and peaches.
  • It gives you a refreshing morning energy which enlightens your mood


#2: It helps protecting your heart and blood

  • The iron content in Goji berries help in building blood cells. It also prevents from menstrual problems. It maintains your blood pressure level and decreases cholesterol level which helps maintaining healthy heart.
  • The enzyme sesquiterpenoids present in Goji berries acts as a sheild and provides protection for heart. This is why the nutritional benefits of goji berries are helpful for heart patients.


#3: It boosts your health

  • It helps maintaining a healthy body and a healthy mind as well. It helps in curing sleeping disorders like lack of sleep etc, keeping you calm and providing you energy and freshness.
  • It increases your immunity system and makes you healthy.
  • A Goji berry in dried powder form is used as a health supplement.


#4: It protects from inflammation

  • This fruit contains a compound which is known as phenolics, this compound has some anti-inflammation properties that protect you from the pain of burning scars.


#5: Protects from cancer

  • The high percentage of antioxidants protects you from cancer. The phenolics compound also is a protection shield for cancer.
  • Goji berries nutritional benefits are great, it increases immune system to fight against diseases by improving human disease prevention enzymes like Selenium, Germanium, Cyperone which are the cancer curing enzymes.


#6: It gives you a perfect skin

  • Daily intake of Goji berries gives you a perfect glowing skin. The oil extracted from Goji berries with other components is a nice ingredient for skin care products.
  • It also provides a good immunity to your skin.
  • Goji berry are rich in Vitamin E which is very essential for a soft glowing skin .


#7: It protects kidney

  • This fruit helps in adequate secretion of hormone that helps improving urination process which in turn helps your kidney function in a proper manner, the nutritional benefits of goji berries works good for kidney patients.


#8: It helps maintaining a better eyesight and takes care of liver

  • The carotenoids present in Goji berries like beta and alpha carotenes are good for keeping your eye sight healthy giving you a good vision. It prevents the damage of retina.
  • The proteins in Goji berry known as physaline cures hepatitis, which is a disease caused in liver.
  • The Betaine cures liver diseases by increasing secretion of an enzyme choline in liver.


#9: It boosts immune system

  • The nutrition facts of goji berries like presence of physaline in the fruit enhances your immune system by providing an enzyme called Physaline and also another enzyme known as Ascorbic acid. It repairs your immunity properties of your body.


#10:  Enhances memory

  • The betaine content enhances memory and also it is good for muscle growth. This is why nutritional benefits of goji berries are good for young students who need to have sharp memory.


Nutrition Facts of Goji Berries


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