10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Carrots

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Carrots, Nutrition Facts of Carrots


Carrots are delicious, sweet and crunchy vegetables that take care of your health in many ways. It helps in decreasing the body weight. You will forget about the vitamin pills when you start eating carrot. Most of the health and weight conscious people eat carrots daily as their morning breakfast. Most of the actors and actresses are keen to vegetables like carrots because it keeps weight in check and maintains healthy skin as well. Another thing that you must know that, it gives healthy hair beside these, there are many more nutritional benefits of carrots

Its attractive orange color with an amazing taste makes it much popular worldwide. The carrot is a root vegetable. It is sometimes used to garnish dishes. Carrots are so beneficial that it was previously grown for medicine purpose.


Nutritional Benefits of Carrots:

1. Carrots are very good for eyes as it is rich in beta carotene content. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A inside liver which maintains retina well balanced. It also cures the problem of night vision. Another fact of beta carotene is that it prevents macular degeneration.


2. It is perfect for minimizing the anti-aging effects on your skin. The antioxidant compound beta carotene prevents from cell damage and maintains the metabolism of cells. So for this reason aging process slows down in case of cells. The nutritional benefits of carrots makes you wrinkle free.


3. Another nutritional benefit of carrots is that it gives you beautiful and healthy skin. Presence of vitamin A and other antioxidants protects skin from sun damage and other skin diseases like acne, dry skin, pigmentation and the uneven skin tone. It makes your skin beautiful if you apply it with honey as a face pack.


4. It also protects heart from many diseases because of the presence of carotenoid compounds. The carotenid compounds are beta and alpha carotenes and lutein. If a person eats 6 carrots per week on an average, the person has very minute chances of getting a heart disease.


5. Carrots are very low in cholesterol. So it is a perfect weight loss food. As this vegetable is high in dietary fiber content it dissolves the LDL which is known as bad cholesterol. It is also very low in fat percentage. So to lose weight, consume carrots daily in your breakfast. You can eat it in salads or boiled or in your vegetable curry or different dishes of carrot are also good.


6. It protects your teeth by removing plaque and food particles inside mouth and teeth when you chew it. It also stimulates one type of gum that increases your alkaline saliva due to which your acid regulation is balanced and bacterial infection in cavities also decreases. So the nutritional benefits of carrots give brighter teeth.


7. The vitamin A content as well as beta carotene content protect against different cancer types. These flavonoid compounds oppose the cancer diseases such as lung and oral cavity cancers. The rich poly acetylene antioxidant compound destroys the cancer cells.


8. This fresh fruit also contains vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant that connects tissues and teeth and gum. It has a wound healing property for which many sport person and athletes consume this fruit regularly.


9. The nutritional benefits of carrots are more useful for women. The nutrition facts of carrot help in regulating the menstrual cycle and reduce excessive blood flow. Pregnant women get large number of proteins and minerals during pregnancy. It is also good for breast feeding women.


10. Vitamin A content in carrots cleans the liver and maintains its functioning. Carrot juice is best for a healthy leaver.


Nutrition Facts of Carrots


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