10 Interesting Facts About Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford

The famous Hollywood actor doesn’t need much introduction as his name is enough for everybody. He is none other than Harrison Ford who was born on 13th July, 1942 at Chicago, Illinois. He was born to the family where everyone was an actor starting from his mother to is younger brother. Dorothy, his mother was radio actress, father Christopher before turning to ad executive was an actor himself and the younger brother Terrence also is a photographer and an actor. Here are some little known & interesting facts about Harrison Ford-

Interesting Facts About Harrison Ford

#1: Star Wars

He became a star by playing the role of Han Solo in Star Wars. He was annoyed with the kinds of role he was getting during the initial years therefore he started looking for an alternate profession of carpentry so that he can support his family. During this period he met George Lucas who called him up to make his cabinets but when the director came to know that he was an actor first then he hired him instantaneously for the role of Han Solo and that is how his journey in Hollywood started.

#2: 3 times lucky

Now he has been married to Calista Flockhart but before that he has been married twice and he has 5 children and three grandchildren. With Calista Flockhart he has an adopted son named Liam.

#3: Licensed Pilot

Another interesting fact about Harrison Ford is that he is one of the actors who possesses Private Pilot’s license for helicopters and also the fixed wing aircrafts. He also provides his helicopter in case of emergency services in his locality.

#4: Good looks

There is no doubt he is still very much good looking but he has confessed that his good looks now are mainly because of the false teeth that he has. He had to take the help of false teeth because of his falling on the gun very early in his career in a TV stunt show.

#5: Added a ‘J’

He adds a J as his middle name though it doesn’t mean anything but it is added to avoid the confusion of name because an actor of the silent period had the exact same name that of his.

Harrison Ford Young

#6: Expensive Divorce

One of the most expensive divorce settlements is considered to be the one that he and his wife Melisa went through. In 2007 his divorce settlement had cost him around $85 million.

#7: Actually limping

During the filming of The Fugitive he had hurt himself in real and that is the reason he was actually limping in one of the scene. It was the forest chasing scene where he injured the ligament of his knee this making him limp in real.

#8: Body double

While shooting for Indiana Jones he again was hurt badly and this time it was his back. The injury was so serious that he had to undergo surgery but the film was shot with a stunt who looked exactly like Harrison Ford.

#9: Expelled from School

Another interesting fact about Harrison Ford is that he went to Ripon College but the most interesting fact is that he was dropped out of the school just before the completion because he was unable to clear an exam.

#10: Stagehand for Rockband

When first few films didn’t do well for him he moved to carpentry and during those days he also worked as stagehand for The Doors which was a rock band during that time.

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