10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Celery

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Celery, Nutrition Facts of Celery


Celery is a plant which is known to provide various benefits as a vegetable and also used as a medicine as the nutrient content of this plant is very high. Like any other green vegetable the nutritional value of this plant is also beneficial for our body whether it is cooked or eaten raw. The crispy leaf stalk is used all around the globe as a vegetable but the fact is that other parts of celery are also useful and beneficial. It is found out that celery is 95% water and is also filled with fiber.

Some of the nutritional benefits of celery are as follows –

Nutritional Benefits of Celery

#1: Able to fight cancer properties

It has high contents of phthalides and polyacetylenes which is known as anti-carcinogenic that enhances the activity of white cells. The Phytonutrients which is prevalent in celery that helps in preventing free radicals from getting damaged and also helps in preventing the formation of colon as well as stomach cancers.

#2: Reduces blood pressure

Celery has high content of phthalides which helps in relaxing muscles of the arteries which is responsible for regulating blood pressure therefore the vessels dilate. It also helps in reducing stress hormones which is useful in constricting blood vessels.

#3: Helps in Alzheimer’s diseases

Fresh celery is rich in Vitamin K which provides about 25% of DRI. It helps the Alzheimer’s patient by restraining neuronal damage in the brain.

#4: Helps in treating nervousness and arthritis

Oil extracted from celery is in use for soothing remedies like nervousness and arthritis.

#5: Good anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

The leaves are considered to be rich in magnesium, calcium and also very rich source of Vitamin C and phenolics which works as anti-oxidant and ant- inflammatory.


#6: Beneficial for kidney functioning

Celery helps to reduce toxins from the body thus helping the kidney to function well and reduce the chances of getting kidney stones.

#7: Good for eye care

One large stalk of celery delivers about 10 percent of Vitamin A that we daily need in our diet. If we consume it daily then it will give us healthy eyesight and will keep us protected from all the eye related ailments and also from degeneration of vision.

#8: Helps in digestion and acidity problems

It provides protection from acidity by regulating the body’s alkaline balance. The high water content in celery with the insoluble fiber helps our digestive system. It is also known as easy tool to get easy bowel movement.

#9: Combats bad cholesterol

Butylphthalide is a component found in celery which is really helpful for combating the bad cholesterol in our body and to our surprise it actually lowers down cholesterol by almost 7 points.

#10: Fighting with weight issues

Last but not the least nutritional benefit of celery is that is it reduces your weight! Adding celery to your regular diet will not only make it delicious but will also make it healthy. A large celery stalk contains only 10 calories so it is a great way to add it up in your salads or soups to make it a little heavy and much tastier helping you to lose weight easily.


Nutrition Facts of Celery

Nutritional Facts of Celery

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