Top 10 Books On the Psychology of the Relationship Between a Man and a Woman

In recent decades, mankind has made dozens of amazing scientific discoveries. We invented incredible things: mobile communication, the Internet, smartphones, electric cars, solar panels and even quite real, even though a little spooky artificial intelligence. But in one direction our development has stalled. More precisely, it occurs, thanks to the efforts of a small group of specialists in the fields of studying human behavior, but it is happening unnoticed for most of us. Of course, we are talking about the relationship between a man and a woman.

This is a very important and serious topic. If you want to learn to live in peace and tranquility, if you want to not just love, but also understand your soul mate, you need to have some knowledge. It can be found in the psychology books about relationships that will be discussed in this article.

#1: John Gray “Men from Mars, Women from Venus”

Our list of psychology books about relationships begins with the world best-seller, without which it is impossible to imagine a conscious transformation of the thinking of a person who decided to act not at the behest of blind instincts, but at the behest of reason. The title of the book most accurately conveys the basic idea: men and women are very different. We seem to be from different planets and this fact must be accepted. Only after that, your consciousness will be ready to learn new strategies of behavior and how to build relationships with the opposite sex and even marry a woman or a man you`ve been waiting for all your life.

The book contains not only theoretical information but also detailed practical instructions. Try to apply what you read here in your life because it has already helped thousands of people to change their lives.

#2: Berendt Greg, Tuccillo Liz “He’s Just Not That Into You”

It often happens that relationship psychology books are full of lies. Someone has to tell the woman the truth. After all, she, unhappy, sits at the window and waits for the “beloved one” for days, weeks and months. Instead of doing her own business, she thinks what to write to him so that he finally answers. Instead of enjoying life, she thinks about how his day at work passes (and she’s not sure if she knows where he works) and whether he likes the dinner she cooked for him. And then he appears, but not with a grateful smile and a hot kiss on his lips, but with a cold, even slightly annoyed glance and dry answers, which, with biting strokes, wound her in the heart … Does the woman know why it happens so? Because he does not like her very much. Greg and Liz talk about the main signs by which you can determine the lack of reciprocity. And it’s very useful for some ladies.

#3: Osho “Contact with Women’s Spiritual Power”

This book is about the uniqueness of the female nature. Surprisingly, some men do not know this, despite the fact that it is the 21 century outside there. After all, if this uniqueness is not suppressed, not ridiculed or humiliated, it becomes a powerful tool for realizing the potential of both sexes. Women’s energy is the load-bearing construction of the Creative principle, embedded in man. And the most popular philosopher and spiritual mentor Osho wrote an entire book about it.

#4: Julian Barnes “Before She Met Me”

Jealousy is a pernicious feeling. It can destroy even the strongest foundation of love relationships. You must be able to recognize it. This is not so difficult because jealousy is blind and rarely inventive. Often, it acts outright, although it seems to jealousy that its actions are cunning and thoughtful.

Sometimes an elegant art story, generously flavored with black humor is the best textbook, the most interesting mentor, and the most effective warning.

#5: Gary Chapman “Five Languages Of Love: How to Express Love to Your Companion”

Some people do not have enough theoretical material to understand the essence of the problem. The terminology confuses them and the lack of experience makes them misinterpret the facts. Therefore, they need precise advice, and it is better that they are not so many (because of the abundance of advice such people are inclined to fall into the state of uncertainty). This book, written in a brilliant yet simple language, teaches mutual understanding and gives 5 tips to help you open up your feelings to another person.

#6. Allan Pease, Barbara Pease: “Why Men Don’t Listen And Women Can’t Read Maps”

The conflict between a man and a woman is a perennial human problem. We have been in conflict with each other since the beginning of times, more often these are conflicts of a local, family character when the “most interesting” happens behind closed doors and only the sensitive neighbor’s ear knows what is actually happening there. But sometimes these conflicts lead to large-scale problems that affect a lot of people. Take a look at the ancient wars – how many warriors folded their heads because of a misunderstanding between the Great Man and the Great Woman?

Allan and Barbara will teach how to act in conflict situations and how to avoid them effectively. From both men and women point view. And surely you can trust them, as they are authors of many popular psychology books on relationships that helped people find happiness.

#7: Leil Lowndes: “How to Make Anyone Like You”

Leil Lowndes invented her own love potion. And it was created not from the dried tails of rats and pounded bones of a dead person. It is created from the latest achievements in the diverse sciences involved in the study of human and its behavior in society. Priceless material for those who need proven methods, rather than magic formulas.

#8: Harvey Steve “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man”

Women do not know how to treat men better. And to whom do they go for the advice? To other women. Paradox! And fundamentally wrong. Only a man knows best what he wants and looks up to. The author of the book calls to seek advice from those who really help you, and not from those who will say what you want to hear.

#9: Harvey Steve “You Do Not Know Anything About Men”

Steve Harvey is a real traitor. After all, he revealed so many male secrets that the International Bureau of Statistical Studies recorded a sharp decrease in the number of bachelors. In his next book, Steve Harvey continues what he started. Well, God judges him, but hundreds of women rejoice and wait for the release of his new books.

#10: Allan Pease, Barbara Pease: “New Body Language”

Sometimes you talk to a person and you think: “It seems all right but something is wrong … What?”. And all because you could not understand the nonverbal language, and your subconsciousness is trying to tell you about it. It turns out that sometimes we cannot say anything, but our movements, facial expressions, and gestures speak much more about us than you think. Authors will teach you to recognize sign language and metalanguage.

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