10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Avocado

10 Amazing Health & Nutritional Benefits of Avocado, Nutrition Facts of Avocado


Avocado is a nutritional fruit with many nutritional elements with fat content. Although avocado contains more amount of fat and calories it still reduces weight and fat in a natural way. It works well in your work out exercise or rest. Rich fat contents are helpful for men. It has leather like outer appearance from its skin. The avocado tree is a tall and evergreen tree type with an average of 65 feet in height. It has 7% of fat in it.


Nutritional Benefits of Avocado

#1. Avocado is cure for cancer

  • There are many health benefits of avocado, it is helpful in prostate cancer and also other fields of cancer.
  • It also gives protection against oral cancer and breast cancer
  • Some specific aliphatic compounds present in avocado are best for cancer cure
  • The nutritional benefits of avocado are more useful for women, they should take avocado in their diet to protect themselves from breast cancer.


 #2. It reduces stress from eyes

  • Avocado has a carotenoid lutein which relaxes eye muscles.
  • It gives relaxation to eyes when oxidative stress for eye increases.
  • It gives relaxation for excessive reading of books, magazines, and comics and also from web browsing, net surfing and excessive use of internet.


#3. It gives protection against heart disease and blood pressure

  • Avocado contains some necessary nutrients like minerals, vitamins, nutrients, potassium in a much higher quantity than any other fruits.
  • Regular usage of this fruit prevents heart disease and blood pressure.


#4. Helps in losing weight

  • Though avocado is rich in fats it has lot of fiber contents for which it is low in calories.
  • The fats percentage makes you stomach feel full but it does not make you fat. So it possess very good menu for your diet chart.


#5. It reduces probability of blood clot and stroke

  • Avocados are alkaline in nature. So it reduces blood’s acidic percentage and neutralizes acid level in blood. So due to blood does not clot and heart stroke percentage gets reduced.
  • Avocado has 23% foliate that is beneficial for heart.


#6. It is a better in nutrient absorption

  • Some other vegetables like broccoli and spinach absorb nutrients in a faster process but avocado is much better than these types of green vegetables.
  • Avocados contain carotenoids, lycopene, beta carotene which gives best result in nutrient absorption.


#7. It solves cardiovascular problems

  • Due to cholesterol percentage increase cardiovascular problems arise. Avocado creates a special enzyme in body that is helpful in reducing bad cholesterol by dissolving it and creating high density cholesterol.
  • It also stabilizes the density of lipoprotein present in blood. If you will take avocado daily in your diet it lowers the cholesterol percentage in your body and keeps you healthy.


#8. It is full of vitamins and minerals and it enhances the process of absorption of phytonutrients

  • Avocado is full of Vitamins like C, B6, minerals, iron foliate, phytonutrients and different essential antioxidants that gives perfect diet for health, eye, bone and the entire body as well.
  • One of the useful nutrition fact of avocado is that it solves the problem of absorbing phytonutrients. Daily eating of avocados with mixed fruits increases avocado absorption percentage.


#9. It solves kidney and stone problems

  • One of the great nutritional benefit of avocado is that it helps in curing kidney stones.
  • Avocado contains plenty of quantity of potassium which decreases percentage of elimination of urine that is helpful in cure of stones.


10. Rich in Vitamin E

  • Vitamin E is the essential for body parts and is a necessary nutrient for body. Avocado gives sufficient amount of Vitamin which is needed in a daily basis.


Nutrition Facts of Avocado


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