10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Parsnips

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Parsnips, Nutrition Facts of Parsnips


Parsnips are liked by some and hated by some but when the nutritional benefit will be disclosed everybody will be bound to include that in their regular diet. As per your wish you can either eat it raw or cooked, some people like to include that in salads just to give the taste a twist.  Let’s look into the 10 nutritional benefits of parsnips –

Nutritional Benefits of Parsnips

#1: Helps in digestion

Parsnips are high in fiber so it is very good for our digestive system. The high fiber helps the digestion process work smoothly enhancing digestion and making the bowel movement regular. The fiber content will help the people who suffers from constipation too so they must include this vegetable in their diet to keep everything under control. It gives you around 13% of fiber that we need daily so with both the soluble and insoluble fibers it keeps us going.

#2: Prevents cancer

In a recent study it has been proved that root vegetable have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. The nutrients which are found in the root vegetable will be helpful for protection against colon cancer and also Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Therefore, consumption of parsnips is encouraged a lot in regular diet.

#3: High energy food

Parsnips have high content of sugar in the form of carbohydrates and the sugar content is much higher than that of Carrot or radish or turnips. The sweetness can be compared to the sweetness of the fruits like grapes and bananas. If you want high energy food then you can place your bet on sweet tasting parsnips.

#4: Presence of minerals

You will get 6% of potassium that we daily need from parsnips and not only that parsnips has the highest content of potassium amongst the vegetables. Potassium is beneficial to our body as it helps in maintaining the bones and helps in operating the muscle group smoothly. You will also find the presence of other minerals like manganese, calcium, iron, copper and selenium.

#5: Effective during pregnancy

Among all the Vitamins that are present in parsnips, folate accounts for 11% RDA approx. Folate is considered to be the part of B-complex family and it has a huge responsibility of taking the pregnancy forward without any complication. It is believed that folate helps in preventing any defect related to child birth.


#6: Good for overall health

Vitamin C is essential for maintaining healthy bones, teeth, skin and also immune system. Vitamin C amounts for approximately 13% RDA for women and it will be 11% for men to keep them healthy. Parsnips are rich in Vitamin C so including it in the diet will be beneficial.

#7: Prevention of hypertension

The action that happens against free radicals that might hamper DNA and this is the reason many experts have found parsnips which are rich in vitamin, to be very good for hypertension and also some other heart complications.

#8: Good aid in metabolism

The primary responsibility of parsnips which is rich in vitamin is to aid in metabolism. Folate is plays an integral role in the synthesis of red blood cells, RNA and DNA.

#9: Lowers Cholesterol level

Another very useful nutritional benefit of parsnips is that it provides us with good amount of fiber which are helpful in reducing blood cholesterols levels and also in obesity.

#10: Good for liver

Parsnips has Vitamin K which protects the liver from diseases.


Nutrition Facts of Parsnips

Nutrition Facts of Parsnips

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