10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Romaine Lettuce

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Romaine Lettuce, Nutrition Facts of Romaine Lettuce


Romaine Lettuce is a green leafy vegetable with many nutritional properties. Though it is true that most people especially kids shrink their nose even when the name of a leafy veggie is uttered but it indeed is very good for health.

It is very less in calories with a mild flavor that gives a perfect pleasure of eating with your other dishes. You can specially categorize it as weight loss food for its absolutely negligible calories. One of the reasons it is loved by fitness freaks. This smooth leafy vegetable possesses highest nutritional value among all lettuce categories. It does not affect the taste of your dishes if you add it in your breakfast. People love this food for its crispiness. It provides very healthy breakfast with low calories. Lets  know about the nutritional benefits of romaine lettuce


Nutritional Benefits of Romaine Lettuce:

1. Romaine Lettuce contains vitamin K which possesses various health promoting abilities. Vitamin K acts as a wound healing agent. The facts that it creates blood clotting which helps you from unnecessary blood clotting during heavy injuries. So the nutritional benefits of romaine lettuce are very helpful for athletes and players, they should consume this food daily.


2. It gives you a healthy heart by lowering cholesterol percentage inside the body. Presence of Vitamin C and beta carotene protects from oxidation that is very much harmful. These compounds break down the cholesterol level in different ways. High potassium contents also maintain heart rate and blood pressure that prevent you from heart attack.


3. The high fiber content cures many diseases. Dietary fiber also takes care of heart. It also protects from cancer types which includes colon cancer and prostate cancer. The vitamin A content of Romaine lettuce is also helpful preventing other cancer types as well.


4. The best nutritional benefits of romaine lettuce is that it contains large amount of protein that is very much helpful for health. It also contains good amount of water.


5. Romaine lettuce is high in vitamin C, Beta carotene, potassium, fiber content and also different other types of minerals and vitamins. So these nutritional elements provide all health protecting properties. Consuming these types food builds strength and gives you energy.


6. Romaine lettuce contains vitamin C more than an orange. Vitamin C level can be exceeded more by blending it with papaya and milk. Due to these nutritional facts, Romaine lettuce provides healthy blood vessels and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


7. Romaine lettuce refreshes your mood and reduces stress. This food contains folate which is the curing element for neurological disease which may be your Alzheimer’s disease. It reduces depression, anxiety, and irritation and gum diseases.


8. It helpful against indigestion. The fiber content absorbs fat and reduces hunger. It maintains sound stomach and lets you feel full from your little amount of food.


9. We know that lettuce is good for skin and hair. Romaine lettuce contains vitamin A, beta carotene, which are powerful antioxidant compounds. Apart from protecting skin and hair it protects mucus membrane and gives good eyesight. The nutritional benefits of romaine lettuce also helps in strengthening your hair and giving you a glowing skin.


10. The tip of the leaf is more nutritious than other parts.


Nutrition Facts of Romaine Lettuce


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