10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Tomatoes

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Tomatoes, Nutrition Facts of Tomatoes


Tomato is a tasty vegetable which makes your meal delicious to eat and builds your health on the way. The small red good looking vegetable has more to offer than just its color. It is filled with nutrients like the lycopene. Tomato is botanically considered as fruit but in general it is referred as vegetable because it is mostly used in cooking, we hardly eat it raw! Here are 10 nutritional benefit of tomato –

Nutritional Benefits of Tomatoes

#1: Rich in antioxidants

Three types of anti-oxidants are found in tomatoes – Vitamin C, Vitamin A and beta-carotene. Apart from these they are also rich in manganese and vitamin E. then the presence of lycopene is believed to lower the risk of heart diseases, maintains cholesterol level and prevention of age related eye problem like macular degeneration.

#2: Helps in preventing cancer

Tomato is filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants which helps it in preventing the prostate cancer. The presence of alpha-tomatine in tomato alters the developing process of prostate cancer cells.

#3: Healthy heart

The major antioxidants, lycopene and Vitamin C is known to improve cardiovascular health by infusing oxygen to blood stream, the blood flow and circulation is improved and the cholesterol level is lowered and also helps in improving fat blood profiles.

#4: Healthy bone

lycopene is the reason that you will be getting healthy bone upon the consumption of tomato. They also prevent oxidative stress to your bones and the presence of potassium promotes good bone health.

#5: Anti-inflammatory

You will find various carotenoids which are considered to be anti-inflammatory agents. Our body is benefitted a lot from the anti-inflammatory properties.


#6: Rich in potassium

If your body has potassium deficiency then it might be prone to all sorts of diseases and health disorders like blood pressure, heart disease, arthritis, cancer, digestive problems and also can lead to stroke.

#7: Healthy eyesight

If you want to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and beta-carotene helps in improving night vision. If you have a weak night vision then you must have tomato in your regular diet. You can eat it raw or cooked any which ways it will taste good.

#8: Diabetes

The mineral chromium is found in high quantity in tomatoes making it very good for diabetic patients as it regulates the blood sugar level. So start having tomatoes now in your meal and see how it regulates your blood sugar level.

#9: Helpful in Alzheimer’s disease

Even Alzheimer’s patients are said to be benefitted by the consumption of tomatoes. The presence of so many nutrients makes this vegetable a must have in everybody’s diet as it will help them maintain their health.

#10: Helps in reducing weight

Another nutritional benefit of tomatoes is that tomatoes are a low calorie food which is filled with numerous nutrients making it a very good food item to be included in your diet. It has been proved that tomatoes help in reducing the risk of turning obese. It helps in maintaining your health and provides you with all the beneficial nutrients that will help you keep fit and healthy.


Nutrition Facts of Tomatoes

nutrition facts of tomato

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