10 Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking

stephen hawking

At times when we are depressed and don’t find enough reason for our existence then we can take some inspiration from this great man who in every means is a survivor. He has fought against all odds and emerged as a winner. He is a great scientist who gave us information about Black Holes and also entertained us with his amazing sense of humor. Here are some little known, amazing & interesting facts about this Stephen Hawking:

Interesting Facts About Stephen Hawking

#1: Backs his thoughts

If he thinks what he knows is right then he sticks to his theory. It happened so that at Royal Society Meeting he interrupted Sir Fred Hoyle’s lecture and said he is making a mistake. He was asked about the error and he said that he actually worked it out in his head and that is how he noticed the mistake.

#2: Venturing into TV

He was not at all a typical scientist and it is proven by the fact that he appeared in hit TV shows like Star Trek and The Simpsons. In 1994 Stephen Hawking was part of the Star Trek: The Next Generation and in 1999 he appeared in The Simpson’s episode of ‘They Saved Lisa’s Brain’.

#3: Floating in zero gravity

In 2006 he made his desire known to the world and by 2007 the billionaire actually took it upon him to make this man’s dream come true by making him float around in zero gravity and he first quadriplegic to do so.

#4: Theory of Universe with no boundary

He tried to make people understand the mystery of Universe by saying that Universe has no boundary. He drew example from the earth stating that you can go anywhere on the earth but as the shape is sphere therefore you can never reach a corner and that holds true even for the universe. The only difference is that the Universe is considered to be the four – dimensional as compared to Earth’s three dimensions.

#5: Hawking Radiation

Another interesting fact about Stephen Hawking is that he researched on many things during the tenure of 1970s and amongst them the most memorable one was when he discovered Hawking radiation which is said to let the black hole release energy and eventually seize away to probably nothing.

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#6: Reason to live

When he was diagnosed with this rare ailment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and was given few years time to live he found a reason to his life when he met his future wife, Jane Wilde. He gives credit to his marriage to the language student in 1965 as a reason to live even when the doctors said he has very little time in his hand. He went on to have three children with her.

#7: Awards and recognitions

He has won numerous awards and recognitions all through his life for his contribution in science. By the year 1974 he was a member of the Royal Society, then in 1975 Pope Paul VI honored him by Pius XI Gold Medal for Science. The Royal Society acknowledged his work by giving him the Albert Einstein Award and also the Hughes Medal.

#8: Wrote for children

He was the co-author of the book George’s Secret Key to the Universe. His daughter Lucy was the author of the book and along with her father they made the difficult topics of the universe easy to understand.

#9: Aliens are a possibility

He cited that the size of the Universe is huge therefore it can be a possibility to have aliens and you must never rule out their existence.

#10: 30 years as professor

He took his job as a professor in 1979 and retired on 1st October 2009 and the other interesting fact about Stephen Hawking is that he was born on the 300th death anniversary of physicist Galileo Galilei.

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