10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Kale

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Kale, Nutrition Facts of Kale


Kales are the beautiful leaves with a delicious earthy flavor belonging to Brassica family. These are really unbelievable to look at! Different kinds of kale are available in the market which includes curly type, ornamental type and dinosaur type. So here comes our beauty with brains i.e. these leaves apart from beauty possess some of the health promoting features.

Curly leaves give a bitter pepper type taste, ornamental kales are green, white and purple type color with a tender texture and a mellow type flavor. Dinosaur is the famous of the kale types with embossed texture and dark green color. There are numerous numbers of nutritional benefits of kale, so it is known as queen green among the vegetables. It is included in one of the best green vegetables and is available in the market all over the year. It is specially cultivated in cool climate with a light frost condition. You can say it is one of the blessings by the nature which possess greatest health benefits.

Nutritional Benefits of Kale:

1. As we know that leafy vegetables are very healthy, kale is also included in the leafy type vegetables with zero percent of cholesterol and zero fat content. Kale is also rich in fiber content. Kales also possess antioxidant properties that give benefits towards health.

2. Antioxidants mainly metabolize the oxygen compound. Oxidative stress is a disease which can be cured by the antioxidants. As we know that kale is rich in these antioxidant compounds helps the body against these types of diseases.

3. Kales are rich in phytochemical compounds like sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol which gives a protection details preventing different cancer diseases like colon and prostate cancer. The content of vitamin A also protects you from lung and oral cavity cancers. Presence of other antioxidant compounds including zea xanthin, beta carotene and lutein carry cancer detecting properties.

4. Kales also possess anti-inflammatory properties for the content of vitamin K. So vitamin K regulates the inflammatory process in the body and also prevents from the chronic inflammation progress in the human body due to which many diseases attack the body.


5. Kale’s nutrition facts include various minerals like iron, manganese, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, copper and calcium that give proper maintenance of your health. As we know potassium regulates heart & blood pressure and iron makes red blood cells, together these nutritional benefits of kale provides you a healthy heart.

6. Vitamin K also protects from brain diseases. So this compound protects brain from neuronal damages. Alzheimer’s disease can be easily cured with Kale.

7. It also contain vitamin C that protects from infective viruses and agents by reacting as a powerful antioxidant. It also reduces harmful oxygen derived free radicals.

8. One of the great nutritional benefits of kale is that it can cure cardiovascular diseases by lowering the cholesterol percentage which our body consumes daily. The fiber contents and the enzymes create a special support to your liver and regulate the bowel movement.


9. The presence of an antioxidant flavonoid compound helps in curing some diseases. It is helpful against age related diseases. It protects skin and mucus membrane by filtering the harmful UV rays. It also protects retina.

10. It also act as anti-toxic agent by regulating cell activities. Sulfur activities creates problem in the body. The nutritional benefits of kale also helps in protecting the body from toxic elements by a compound named glucosinolates by just modifying different processes and stages.

Nutrition Facts of Kale


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