10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Garlic

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Garlic, Nutrition Facts of Garlic


Garlic has been used as medicine to treat various kinds of medical problems. The usage of garlic as medicine has become more popular because of the easy availability of this product and it is also used daily in our diet. You can use garlic in different forms like garlic powder, garlic flakes and other forms as well. It not only adds better flavors to the cuisine but also adds up to the nutritional value that we need each day. Here are 10 nutritional benefits of garlic –

Nutritional Benefits of Garlic

#1: Antiviral and antibacterial as well

Fresh garlic is instrumental in killing bacteria like E.coli, Salmonella enteritidis, etc. which are the cause of food poisoning. Garlic is helpful in controlling bacteria, virus, fungus, yeast or worm infections making it a good anti bacterial and antivirus.

#2: Treats the skin infection

Ajoene, a chemical, is present in garlic which helps in treating fungal skin infections like athlete’s foot and ringworm.

#3: Helps control blood pressure

Angiotensin II which is a protein and it helps our blood vessels contract which is the reason why the blood pressure increases and Allicin which is present in garlic obstructs the activity of angiotensin II thus helping in reducing the blood pressure. Polysulphides present in garlic converts into hydrogen sulphide through red blood cells and this hydrogen sulphide expand our blood vessels which help in controlling the blood pressure.

#4: Helpful in cardiovascular problems

Garlic protects us from heart attacks. With growing age the arteries starts losing their ability to stretch but with regular intake of garlic you can prevent this and protect heart from the damaging effects of free oxygen radicals. The sulphur contents also help in preventing the blood vessels from getting blocked and slow the process of hardening of arteries. Ajoene is popular for its anti-clotting properties which helps prevents clots formation inside blood vessels.

#5: Thyroid treatment

The high level of thyroid helps in treating hyperthyroid conditions.


#6: Improved immune system

Garlic is rich in Vitamin B6 which is said to be very good for a healthy immune system and it effectively grows new cells. If you have frequent mood swings then garlic can help you with that too.

#7: Good for allergies

Garlic contains anti-inflammatory property which helps in fighting away allergies.

#8: Respiratory problems

If you are prone to cold, then having garlic daily will help you a lot. The anti bacterial properties help in soothing throat irritations. It is also beneficial for breathing problems like asthma. The way it builds expectoration makes it indispensable in chronic bronchitis. It is also proved to be a life savior almost for other respiratory problems.

#9: Helps in preventing cancer

Another useful nutritional benefit of garlic is that the daily consumption of garlic can reduce the risk of many types of cancer. The allyl-sulphides property found in garlic makes it an anti-cancer property. Studies suggest that diallyl sulphide found in garlic restrains the transformation of PhIP into carcinogens thus helping in preventing cancer.

#10: Improve metabolism

Ferroportin which is a protein helps in iron absorption and its release. Diallyl sulphides which is found in garlic increases production of ferroportin and helps in improving iron metabolism.


Nutrition Facts of Garlic

Nutrition Facts of Garlic

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