10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Rice

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Rice, Nutrition Facts of Rice


Many of us believe that having rice will make us look fat and not only that we will become more and more lethargic. We start dieting for getting back in shape and the first thing that we exclude from our diet is rice which is not good health wise. It means all of a sudden the intake of amino acids is reduced to nil which is actually a very good nutrient for our body. Most people who go for diet replace rice with wheat but there are countries where people have rice for three times a day and still stay healthy and fit without putting on any extra weight.

So, let’s see what’s the truth of rice is! Is it really harmful or does it have some nutritional benefit for us? Here are 10 nutritional benefits of rice that we get from various kinds or rice starting from white rice, brown rice and wild rice –

Nutritional Benefits of Rice

#1: Rich in Manganese

Brown rice is rich in manganese and provides as high as 80% of our daily requirement. It helps our body synthesize fat thus maintaining our weight and it is also considered beneficial for reproductive system and our nervous system.

#2: Maintaining weight

If you are into dieting and exercise for losing those extra weight then you might like to include wild rice in your diet as it is very low in calories therefore it will give you fuller stomach with very little calorie intake.

#3: Easily absorbing protein

The protein present in rice is easily absorbed by our body and is also easy to digest. Assimilation of protein is also high and it is also easy on the excretion system providing a better bowel movement.

#4: Helpful in lowering cholesterol level

The rice contains good amount of an essential amino acid methionine which mobilizes fat from our liver keeping it healthy and lowering the cholesterol level.

#5: Presence of anti-oxidant

We generally do not associate the presence of anti-oxidant in rice as we think it is only present in fruits and vegetables but there is a generous amount anti-oxidant present in rice which is helpful for our overall health development.


#6: Good for diabetic patients

It helps in stabilizing the blood sugar level thus it makes it to the diet of a diabetic patient. If you have regular consumption of brown rice then it is seen in a research that your chances of getting diabetes will reduce by 60%.

#7: Prevents from colon cancer

The high content of fiber helps in preventing the colon cancer. It attaches with the impurities and toxins of our body and don’t let them settle down on the colon wall thus preventing us from getting colon cancer.

#8: Ample amount of Vitamins

The wild rice is a rich source of Vitamin A, C and E which is the key factor in maintaining overall health and improves our immune system too.

#9: Blood pressure is kept under control

The wild rice doesn’t contain sodium thus keeping the heart healthy and blood pressure under control

#10: Reduces the risk of childhood asthma

Another nutritional benefit of rice is that whole grain along with fish reduces the risk of children getting asthma by almost 50%.


Nutrition Facts of Rice

nutrition facts of rice

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