10 Interesting Facts About Peru

Peru or the Constitutional Republic of Peru is located in South America. A part of the Inca empire once upon a time, they were colonized by the Spanish and from then the country is fighting dictatorship and several other rebellions. Here are 10 interesting facts about Peru.

Peru Flag

#1. More Peruvian than the potato

Potatoes are the favorite of many and are used in a lot of dishes. This root is originally said to have come from the country of Peru. The phrase ‘Soy mas Peruano que la papa’ which translates to ‘I am more Peruvian than the potato’ to uphold their honor is common in use.

#2: Colorful corn

The country seems to be exhaustive in growing different varieties of corn. A whooping number of 55 different varieties of corn is grown in this wonderful country. They come in different colors too including yellow, black, white and purple.

#3: Paradise for surfers

If you love to surf then you should definitely go on a beach holiday to Peru. The country has the 4km long left hand wave which is the World’s largest in Chicama. It also has the largest left handed point break in the World in Mancora which is close by to Chicama.

#4: So much for pets

Have you ever wanted to know how a cat tastes? Then you should visit Chincha in Peru which is present along the southern coast where it is acceptable to eat cats.

A traditional dish called Cuy which is Guinea pig is eaten in Peru.

#5: Underpants in yellow

In Peru, it is a long kept tradition that you have to present your family and close friends with underpants in yellow color on every eve of the New Year.

#6: Biodiversity

One can experience 90 different types of climatic conditions making the place highly bio diverse. The prime part of the Amazon forest lies in Peru.

Huascaran National Park consists of as many as twenty seven peaks that are capped in snow. These peaks are atleast 6000m above sea level. The El Huascaran is the highest out of them at 6,768m.

The Inkaterra Hotel located at Machu Picchu privately houses 500 varieties of orchids making it the largest collection owned in private. In total one can find 1625 types in Peru.

#7: Highest and the lowest

The highest sand dune is found in Peru and is called the Cerro Blanco. It is located in the Sahara desert and is 3860m tall.

The largest lake in South America, Lake Titicaca is located in Peru. It also happens to be the highest navigable lake in the World.

The Cotahuasi Canyon is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon of the USA.  It is located in the region of Arequipa. It is the deepest in the World at a depth of 3535m.

#8: Drinks and Beverages

The national drink of Peru is made from lemons, sugar syrup, ice, white of eggs and Pisco brandy. A finishing touch is given with bitters. The drink is called Pisco Sour.

The country tops at eighth position in coffee production in the World. It claims the fifth spot for producing the Arabica bean variant.

#9: Gold, shining Gold

Peru retains the sixth spot in producing gold.

#10: Best varieties of cotton

The Pima and Tanguis varieties of cotton come from Peru.

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