10 Interesting Facts About Spain

Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Spain

Spanish FlagOfficially called the Kingdom of Spain, Spain is only second to France in its size in Western Europe. Being the largest producer of olive oil, the country is also nearly as mountainous as Switzerland. Now let us know some amazing & very interesting facts about Spain

Interesting Facts About Spain

#1: Explorations to Discoveries

The Spanish explorers have traveled to different parts of the globe and have made many ‘accidental discoveries. California was discovered by the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. The first man to ever see Antarctica is also a Spanish sailor by the name Gabriel de Castilla. Juan Sebastián Elcano claims the credit for being the first person to circumnavigate around the world. The Pacific ocean was first seen by Vasco Núñez de Balboa making him the first among the Europeans.

#2: Sex and the City

In 2005, marriage among the same sex became legalized in Spain. The laws do not restrict or impose any constraints on public nudity. The country also legalizes the sexual activity with consent at the early young age of 13. So much for the regulation and discipline!

#3: Bull Fighting

One of the most famous & interesting fact about Spain is Bull Fighting! Many a movie and cartoon has revolved around bull fighting. Those who win over a bull are considered heroes. This bull fighting is a popular form of sport in Spain. It is called Corridas. It is either seen as an art and an impressive skill or as an act of cruelty that cannot be taken as a sport. Even when it comes to festivals, over a million people attend the most famous ‘running of the bulls’ festival. The festival is hosted in Pamplona a town in the North on St. Fermin’s day which occurs in the month of July.

#4: Regions of Spain

  • When it comes to administration, the country of Spain is divided into 17 different regions. Each of the regions is independent and runs its own universities and other amenities. The Mainland of Spain has 15 of the regions while the other two are groups of islands. One is the Balearic Islands located off the eastern coast of Spain while the other is the Canary Islands that are on the western coast of Morocco.
  • By rainfall Spain can be divided into dry and wet regions. The rainfall received in the regions is as drastically different as the words. Some regions have wet spells that measure up to 39 inches per year while some don’t even receive 12 inches per year.

#5: The Hidden Land

The Spanish peninsula was called Span which means hidden land by the Phoenicians. They are said to have entered the country in the 8th century BC.


#6: Mining

  • The Rio Tinto River that flows in Spain has no or very little forms of life in it. The reason for this is that the river has been dumped with toxic waste and has remained polluted for the past 5000 years or so.
  • Some of Europe’s largest deposits of the metal gold can be found in Spain. Not only that the country also is one of the largest contributors of the marble and granite.

#7: Ancient Inventions

  • About 1,400 years ago the Spaniards are believed to have invented the Quill pen as the pen is believed to have originated from Spain.
  • In 1538, the diving bell which helped divers by keeping the water out was invented in Spain. The device was a leather and metal device shaped like a bell.

#8: Trees

  • The Dragon tree found in the Canary Islands bears fruits that are orange in colour and contain a liquid that is thick and red in color. Owing to the nature of the fruit, the tree was believed to be the source of the blood of dragons. Some of the older trees are as tall as 70 feet.
  • The Meseta region is present on the dry side of Spain. Here cork trees are abundant making Spain a leading provider of corks.

#9: Mouse for a Tooth Fairy

Ratoncito Pérez is a small mouse that is similar to the tooth fairy and leaves surprises under the pillows for the tooth of the Spanish children.

#10: Oldest Cave Art

Another interesting fact about Spain is that in the Northern Spain, there is a oldest cave painting that dates to 40,000 years which could be found in the Cave of El Castillo.

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