10 Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Flag MapOften known as Indian Ocean’s Pearl, The Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka has been one of the key hubs when it comes to trading. Archaeological evidence suggests inhabitation for about 34 thousand years. The country has a significant place in the great Hindu epic Ramayana. Now let us know some interesting facts about Sri Lanka

Interesting Facts About Sri Lanka

#1: Significance of the Name

The country was formerly called as Ceylon, Serendib. The local people shortly call it Shri Lanka or Ilankai. The conventional short form is called Sri Lanka and the conventional long form comes to Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. Locally people tend to call the country Shri Lanka Prajatantrika Samajavadi Janarajaya or Ilankai Jananayaka Choshalichak Kutiyarachu.

#2: Varied Religious Mix

Sri Lanka has a rich mix of various religions. About 70% of the population are Theravada Buddhists and are mostly the Sinhalese. 15% of the population are Hindus and mainly constitute the Tamils. The moor and the Malay make 7.6% of the population and are Muslims. The remaining 6.2% of the people are Christians out of which the overwhelming majority are Catholics.

#3: Tectonic Activity

The country conveniently sits on the middle of a tectonic plate. Hence the country does not experience earth quakes or volcanic activities.

#4: Plain Flat Landscapes

The country is an Island that lies on the Indian Ocean. It is beautiful in the shape of a tear drop.

#5: National Identities

There are some very interesting facts about Sri Lanka related to the country’s national identities, here are they-

  • The national flag of Sri Lanka is known to be one of the oldest flags. It is a flag that recognizes different religions and honors them.  The yellow border along with papal leaves signify Buddhism while the saffron and the green bands represent the Hindu and the Muslim communities respectively.
  • The national tree of the country is ‘Na Tree’ which is called Mesua Nagassarium botanically.
  • ‘Nil Mahanel’, botanically called Nympheae Stellata’ is the national flower of the country.
  • The currency of Sri Lanka is called the Sri Lankan Rupee and each Rupee is divided into hundred cents.
  • Though cricket is the most popularly played game, Volley ball happens to be the national sport of Sri Lanka.


#6: Food & Spices

  • Rice served with spicy curry is the most common meal. Along with this a side dish of vegetables is served.
  • Coconut is one of the primary ingredients used in dishes for Sri Lankan cuisine.
  • Spice is believed to originate from Sri Lanka and is said to have been discovered by Egyptians.
  • Tea was introduced to the country in 1876.

#7: The People

The Sri Lankans have an average life expectancy of 73 – 75 years. Sri Lanka is also known as the land of smiling people. When the people nod their heads from side to side wiggling slightly then it is taken to be a yes.

#8: Elephant Orphanage

Sri Lanka has an elephant orphanage and this place is mostly the venue for elephant paegant.

#9: High Points

  • The Pidurutalagala is the highest point in Sri Lanka at a height of 2,524m, the lowest being the sea level.
  • The most sacred mountain is the Adam’s peak which pilgrims climb in candle light. The common belief is that they climb along the footsteps of Buddha himself.

#10: Educational Excellence

Another interesting fact about Sri Lanka is that the country boasts of the highest rate of literacy in South Asia at 92%. There are eleven universities in the country. Michael Ondaatje is a world famous writer. He is from Sri Lanka.

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