10 Interesting Facts About United States

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About United States

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United States, officially known as United States of America (USA) is a federal republic which consists of a federal district and 50 states. United States is 3rd most populous country in the world. let us know some interesting facts about Unites States

Interesting Facts About United States

#1: National Facts

  • The National bird of the United States is The Bald Eagle.
  • Rose is the national flower.
  • The capital of the nation is Washington, District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.).
  • The national mottos are E Pluribus Unum which translates to Out of Many, one and In God We trust.
  • Stars and Stripes forever is the National March.


#2: Poor Americans

  • Americans classified as ‘Low Income’ holders or living in poverty make up 48% of the population.
  • 46 million people of the United States live on food stamps. On the whole, there is one child out of every four children live in food stamps.
  • Cleveland, Ohio’s 52% children live in poverty.


#3: Independence Day – July 4th or 2nd

There are some interesting facts about United States related to the Independence day, here they are:

  • The Declaration of Independence was actually written by Thomas Jefferson on July 2nd. The congress was the then ruling party and took its time for 2 days to accept the declaration.
  • Jefferson drafted the declaration on his laptop. In those days, a laptop was a writing desk that fit on one’s lap.
  • John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, both died on July 4th, 1826, a few hours apart.


#4: State Division

  • The United States is divided into 50 states. The states are all in different shapes and sizes.
  • With just 1,545 square miles, Rhodes Island is the smallest state of the United States.
  • Alaska happens to be the largest state with 663,268 square miles. It also has the longest US coastline stretching for 6,640 miles.


#5: Mountain Ranges & their Climatic Effect

  • The mountain ranges of the US run in north – south direction, influencing much of the climatic conditions.
  • The hot and dry climate of Arizona and Nevada can be attributed to being on the leeward side of the mountains.


#6: Hot & Cold

  • Prospect Creek, Alaska, recorded the lowest temperature ever in the United States on the 23rd of January in 1971.  It was recorded as -80 degree Fahrenheit.
  • Death Valley in California recorded the highest temperature on July 10th, 1913.


#7: Honolulu, Hawaii

  • The Iolani palace had belonged to the Monarch King KalaKaua and Queen Lili’uokalani until 1893, when they were overthrown. The palace is the only one in the United States to be used by a monarch.
    The palace served as the Capitol building till 1959, until Hawai became a state. Now,  the palace is a museum.


#8: Indebted America

  • The Federal Reserve Bank of New York approximates 167,000 Americans have more than $200,000 student loan.
  • Even if Bill Gates gave up every single penny of his fortune, he would have taken care of only 15 days’ deficit of America.
  • The national debt is 22 times as much as it was during Jimmy carter’s time.


#9: Cartoons & Movies

  • Hollywood, America is considered to be the movie capital of the world. Cinema has grown multi fold from its early days.
  • Walt Disney was a ruthless business man, and was rumored to be anti Semitic and otherwise racist.
  • Mickey Mouse’s original name, Mortimer mouse was thought pompous by Walt Disney’s wife. She had suggested the name Mickey as she thought it was cuter.


#10: Official Language

  • The most interesting fact about United States is that there is no official language in the country. Although English is the most common language used in United States, but there is no official language of the country.
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