10 Interesting Facts About South Africa

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About South Africa

south_africa_flag_mapSouth Africa, officially known as Republic of South Africa is the African country located in the southern region of Africa. It is ranked on 25th position in the list of largest countries in the world and ranked 24th in the list of most populated countries in the world. Let us know some more interesting facts about South Africa:

Interesting Facts About South Africa:

#1: Third Best Drinking Water

  • Very few countries provide quality safe drinking water in taps. South Africa ranks third in drinking water quality supply through taps.


#2: Largest Fauna

  • The largest bird – the ostrich, the largest land mammal – the elephant, the tallest creature – giraffe, the largest reptile – the leatherback turtle, the largest fish – whale shark, the heaviest flying bird – khori bustard, the largest antelope – eland, the fastest land mammal – cheetah, the smallest mammal – least dwarf shrew are all homed in South Africa.
  • This showcases the wide variety of fauna that is there in the country.
  • The country has many geographic solar hotspots in the world.
  • The largest game park is under progress with talks between Zimbabwe and Mozambique to merge the game parks. This park will be comparatively larger than Switzerland.
  • The country ranks third in bio-diversity.


#3: Special Cars

  • The Mercedes Benz C class, right hand drive vehicles are manufactured only by South Africa.
  • The Hummer H3 vehicle is manufactured mostly in the United States. Apart from that General motors manufactures the car only in South Africa.
  • The Italians are not spared of Earth quakes either. A 100,000 people died in a 1963 quake. In 1980, 3000 people were killed in one that shook Naples.


#4: Poisoned Rhinos

  • To prevent Rhinos from being poached, the rhino horns are smeared with a special toxin that does not harm the animal. It is designed in such a way that any product that is made from the poisoned horn will taste bitter or will cause burns. It will also show itself in airport scanners.
  • White rhinos have flat bottom lips and grazes on grasses, while black rhinos have a triangular bottom lip and browse on bushes and trees.


#5: Wine Everywhere – Route 62

  • One of my most fun & interesting facts about South Africa is about the cape wine lands region is called the Route 62. It is the longest wine route in the world. There is also a brandy route that is coming up nearby. The route is 850km long and stretches from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.
  • They have around 560 wineries and 4400 primary producers.
  • The SABMillers, a South African brewery is by volume the largest beer brewery. It supplies 50% of China’s beer.

South African flag on face

#6: Platinum Control

  • Another interesting fact about South Africa is that the country supplies 80% of the World’s platinum. The metal is the costliest and jewellery made from it is considered elite. Since the country is the major producer, it controls the price of platinum worldwide.
  • Apart from Platinum, South Africa leads in mining metals and minerals.


#7: Monkey Gland Steak

  • The monkey gland steak is not made from any organ of the monkey. It was developed by chefs overseas as an insult to the Johannesburg’s inhabitants who poured sauce over everything.
  • Kingklip also known as Congrio, ling and Rockling is most eaten in South Africa.


#8: Nobel Street

  • Two of South Africa’s Nobel laureates were from the same street called Vilakazi Street in Soweto. The two laureates were none other than Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Both of them won the Nobel peace prize.


#9: World Cup

  • South Africa is only country to have hosted the world cup matches for soccer, rugby and cricket.


#10: Rovos Rail

  • Another interesting fact about South Africa you must know is about the Rovos Rail, it is the most luxurious train the world.
  • It offers Golf tour, Private rail charters, A 5 star luxury cruise and Private plane.
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