10 Amazing Nutritional Benefits of Apricots

Health & Nutritional Benefits of Apricots, Nutrition Facts of Apricots


Apricots are the tiny juicy fruit with attractive looks which resembles small peaches. I am sure most of you must have heard of it. If you are finding it difficult to remember go and check your face scrub, because most face scrubs contain apricot.

The apricots are yellow or orange with red spot and fleshy. It is cultivated in specified areas in the world and is classified with plum group of fruits. It makes a perfect gel for your snacks and deserts which make your food more delicious and look perfect. Apricot fruits are drupe shaped uniform size. The fruit contains edible seed inside the aromatic sweet and crunchy flesh. The fresh fruits are amazingly sweet to taste and the dried apricots are also good to taste with the nutrients derived from fresh fruits. Lets know about the nutritional benefits of apricots


Nutritional Benefits of Apricots:

1. Apricot’s nutrition facts are enriched with potassium and iron content which helps nerves and muscles for proper function. It also maintains your blood pressure levels by balancing the cell body fluids.


2. The vitamin A percentage of apricots is high which is advantageous for your perfect health. It maintains your eye health and protects the eye membrane. It also provides proper balance to boost immune system that has the potential ability to cure as many diseases.


3. Apricots are also enriched with beta carotene which is an antioxidant essential for curing cancer of different types. Beta carotene along with potassium and iron gives you a healthy heart. the nutritional benefits of apricots have the ability to cure heart related diseases.


4. The fresh apricots contain dietary fibers, vitamins, minerals and different types of antioxidants and these come with very low calories. So these essential nutritional benefits of apricots help the human body to fight against many diseases. The phyto-chemicals along with these nutrients give protection against heart diseases, reducing LDL which is the bad cholesterol, along with the cancer curing abilities.


5. The fresh fruits are rich in Vitamin C which is a natural antioxidant can resist the infection by protecting body from harmful viruses. The harmful oxygen free radicals are scavenged with the help of vitamin C.


6. Both fresh and dried apricots are low in calorie that is 50 calories per hundred grams of fruit. These are also free from fat with large amount of nutrition contents. So it offers healthy food with more nutritional benefits for your body. To lose weight it is also more effective.


7. Another soluble fiber content known as Pectin lowers the bad cholesterol percentage. Dried fruits are more nutritious than fresh apricots. Dried apricots contain 32% of water while fresh apricots contain 85% of water. Dried apricots contain minerals and vitamins in a concentrated manner derived from the fresh ones.


8. The nutrition facts of apricot contains antioxidant like flavonoid polyphenolic antioxidants like lutein, zea xanthin and beta cryptoxantin. These are the protection wall against the reactive oxygen species and that is helpful for creating the defense of aging and other diseases as well.


9. A carotenoid present in apricots known as zea xanthin that protects retina by filtering emitted light. These protect the eyes from muscular diseases which are increased due to aging. So the nutritional benefits of apricots are much needed for the old generation people.


10. It is also used in different beauty products for its protection status to the skin. It may be in your creams, face packs and other beauty care solutions as well. The nutritional benefits of apricots are used in making various  kinds of beauty products.


Nutrition Facts of Apricots


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