10 Interesting Facts About Israel

Israel was established after the Second World War, it is the state of Jewish people. It is a tiny (the 100th smallest) country. This country inhabited with less than 1/1000th of the world’s population. Stretched on the eastern border of Mediterranean Sea, it is bestowed with historical ties of three major religions as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, enriching its culture.

Israel Flag

Israeli Flag – Photo by Zachi Evenor

 Interesting Facts about Israel

#1. Dairy & Agriculture

  • Only the cows of South Korea can easily compete with the cows of Israel when it comes to producing milk.
  • It is worth noticing that Israel’s agricultural output has increased sevenfold from past 25 years yet & its water usage has remained practically unchanged.
  • Israel embarked the 21st century with more trees in its territory than it had in the 20th century being the only country to do so.

#2: Education

  • Israel has its own highest ratio of university degrees for population in the world. It can be related to the fact that, Israel has the world’s second highest rank of new books.
  • Furthermore, each Israeli student – male or female – has to go through mandatory military service after completed graduation.

#3: Solar Power Utilization

Israel utilizes solar power to a large extent. Water heating is one of the major uses in which solar power is put to. The statistics show that nine out of ten homes do this. The first ever large scale power generating plant that is powered by solar energy and its functional fully was set up by an Israeli company in Mojave Desert in South California.

#4: Notes for Blind

One of the most unusual and interesting fact about Israel is that, Israel’s bank notes have Braille markings on them.it is  facility for blind people to identify them easily.

 #5: Security

  • We can see geographically that, Israel is a small country. But, it has one of the largest Air forces. No doubt, It is the country which spends much larger sums of money for security than any other country in the whole world.
  • Also, Israel designed the airline industry’s most impenetrable(heavy)flight security. Other country’s officials now look towards Israel for advice on how to handle airborne security threats.

#6: Technology

The Israelis have contributed to modern word with several impotent innovations. These include:

  • AOL Instant Messenger technology
  • Windows NT and XP
  • the voicemail system
  • Pentium-4 processors at Intel
  • the ever useful cell phone.

You can find all the highly technical and technological companies in the world. Take Microsoft for instance. The number of employees ranks from Israel outranks those from any other part of the world.

#7: Medicine & Research

  • Israeli scientists have developed the first fully computerized, no-radiation, diagnostic instrumentation for breast cancer.
  • One Israeli company developed a computerized system for ensuring proper medicine administration, thus removing chances of human error from medical treatment.
  • Israel has also developed the first ingestible video camera, too small it fits inside a pill. This camera use for doctors diagnose cancer and also for digestive disorders.
  • Researchers in Israel have developed a new device, that directly helps the heart to pump blood.

#8: Economy

  • Israel ranked second in the world for venture capital funds.
  • Israel’s $100 billion economy is larger than all of its immediate neighbors combined together.

#9: History & Culture

  • “Mini Israel” park is an attempt to reduplicate all models of importance in the areas of history and culture, 285 duplicates have been created and displayed.
  • Israel also stands on the top in number of museums per head in the world.

#10: Bird Traffic

Israel also has one of the highest levels of bird traffic in the world. Over 500 million migrating birds move across its airspace.

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