10 Interesting Facts About Charles Dickens

Little known, Amazing & Interesting Facts About Charles Dickens

charles dickensHere are some very unusual rather interesting facts about the famous English novelist (Victorian era), Charles Dickens, writer of many classic novels, comprising, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. A lot described as the ‘quintessential Victorian author’, Dickens’s stories are enjoyed all over the world today as they were by his nineteenth century readership. The world has seen many talented wordsmiths in literature, but very few can match up with the skills of Charles Dickens (1812-1870), specifically when it comes to loneliness, hardship and injustice. Finally, how many famous individuals can brag that their name became an adjective he loved nicknames (in this case ‘Dickensian’) meaning filthy, grim and poverty-stricken? That’s an extraordinary achievement of excellent short descriptive writing (if maybe somewhat depressing). Dickens lived in the industrial age revolution. Here are some little known & interesting facts about Charles Dickens that you might not be aware of-

Interesting Facts About Charles Dickens

#1: Birth

He was born on 7th February 1812 in Portsmouth, England.

#2: Obsessive and compulsive are the charms

Charles Dickens comes from a poor family, but he was fortunate enough to attend school. He was obsessive and compulsive.

#3: The Cruel Past

When he was 11 as a result of his father being in prison and to help provide for his family he was forced to leave school and Take his first job in a blacking (shoe polish) factory applying the labels to the bottles. In his life he had never discussed this experience.

#4: Secret Study

Dickens started to write as a reporter. He underwrote articles to journals called The Mirror of Parliament and The True Sun. He had a secret study room in his house.

#5: Boz

In 1833 he was employed as the parliamentary reporter for The Morning Chronicle newspaper. He also produces a series of sketches. He called himself alias:Boz, when he published these.


#6: The Lovable Man

In 1836 Charles Dickens married Catherine Hogarth. She was the daughter of his editor, George Hogarth.

#7: The Legend

Charles Dickens went on to produce a massive amount of material during his lifetime. His published fifteen novels, wrote hundreds of short stories and non-fiction sections, addressed and performed both in England and in the United States, wrote plays, wrote many letters and edited two journals. Later in 1836, a story by Dickens, The Pickwick Papers was in printed as a serial. This proved to be very popular and Dickens started to become famous.

#8: No Love for Americans

Despite his hugely popular account of his U.S. tour in the 1840’s, Dickens hated Americans. He returned to the U.S. for a speaking tour after the Civil War because he was almost bankrupt and badly needed the money.

#9: The Death

Charles Dickens died on 9th June 1870 because of a stroke and was buried in Poet’s Corner of Westminster Abbey.

#10: In Every Man’s Pocket

Another interesting fact about Charles Dickens is that his photo has been printed on the British £10 note.

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