10 Interesting Facts About Bob Dylan


Less known, Amazing & Interesting Facts About Bob Dylan

Bob DylanIn 1967, electrical machinery and the guitars drum band “Peter, Paul and Mary”, featured the well-known CDs in popular music to the list of the 10 most popular music success with the song “I dig rock and roll music!” was the person responsible for this transformation is the man who wrote the lyrics for the band’s most successful song, the song “blowin’ to the land”. He was also the man who actually owns urban folk music to modern rock music. Here are a few interesting facts about Bob Dylan that you may not be aware of-

Interesting Facts About Bob Dylan

#1: Prior to Dylan

From the early 1950s emerging type of folk music known as “urban folk” on lists of the most successful folk music CDs. Singers such as weavers, and its leader is Pete Seeger, and after a few years the task force “Kingston Trio”, and “Peter, Paul and Mary, mated with themes of political protest and sensitive intellectual urban style music inspired by rural folk music. Urban folk music continued to flourish during the early days of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1960s.

#2: Human Relationship

In addition to the author of the lyrics of the songs objectively impressive, such as the song “blowin’ to the wind”, recognized Dylan himself as author of more personal songs about human relationships but original.

#3: The Year 1965

It was a pivotal time in 1965, Dylan. It has moved from being the most distinctive songwriters between American urban folk artists to be epochal on the overall American popular culture of the era.

#4: Use of Electric Guitar

In early 1965, Dylan released the “fifth AIT first back home”, the songs sound space with songs which used the electric guitar and drums. The album included several songs “tendency towards idyllic images of Dylan and unusual in a surreal world. One of these songs, “Mr. Tambourine Man”, was performed by rock band originating in California, “was covered by the band”.

#5: The Lesson Learned

The band’s performance of the rings song “Mr.Tambourine Man” to occupy the first position in June, 1965, thus becoming the first successful song for rock band. It is this lesson that taught Dylan who was returned to the recording studio in early summer with a rock band to record the first song he made great breakthrough single “like a rolling stone”. Confirmed individually this epic pop song which does not last more than six minutes to stream change has started in the veins of American popular culture.


#6:  Crazy for Chess

He was fond of playing chess.

#7: Awards

He is the winner of 10 Grammy Awards, 1 Golden Globe Award & 1 Academy Award.

#8: Hospitalized

In 1997, he was hospitalized for a infectious disease called histoplasmosis.

#9: His Wife, Sara Lownds

His wife Sara Lownds was a model for Playboy Magazine.

#10: Death of Elvis Presley

Another interesting fact about Bob Dylan was that he was very close to Elvis Presley, when Elvis Presley died in 1977, Dylan was didn’t talk to anyone for next 10 days.

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