10 Interesting Facts About Thomas Edison

Thomas EdisonThe man who got 1093 patents in just a span of 84 years of his life, due to his creative mind we don’t have to worry about light after sunset, Thomas Alva Edison is the man I speak of. Only one look around ourselves will tell us of his greatness. Be it the incandescent light bulb, motion picture camera, phonograph, electrical systems, X-ray, telegraph, telephone, and so on, they were all of his creations. However there are a few facts about this very man that you would have never heard of, such as his idea of using cement to build homes, refrigerators furniture and even pianos ,Or, how about his role in the execution of a rogue elephant by electrocution? Well here are a few interesting facts about Thomas Edison, you would not have ever heard of-

Interesting Facts About Thomas Edison

#1: The Edison Age

The time period of 1879 to 1900 is known as the Edison age as those were the years when Edison perfected most of his important inventions.

#2: A Smart Child

Even though the teachers at Edison’s school believed that he was addled, yet he was smart enough to built his own laboratory at the age of 10 through an inspiration from a science book given to him by his mother. He spent all of his money on buying chemicals other than candy and was smart enough to label all the bottles as poison so that no one fiddled with them.

#3: A Good Deed

Edison once saved a 3 year old boy from being killed by a runaway train. The boy was the son of the stationmaster. in Mount Clemens. In obligation the stationmaster taught Edison how to use the telegraph. Edison spent the next four years travelling thousands of miles as a telegrapher.

#4: Ever Since Childhood

Edison is known to have built his own laboratory at the age of 10 I the basement of his home.

#5: The Flop Invention

Edison first ever patented invention was a telegraphic vote-recording machine for the legislature, which was a big flop because of its slow pace. It was then that Edison made his decision to invent something only if there was a market for it.

Thomas Edison

#6: Light Sleeper

Edison slept only for four hours a day and went on working for 72 hours continuously when an invention was on the verge of completion.

#7: Tattoo Man

Evidence as per mutual life insurance, New York, Edison is known to have had a tattoo on his left forearm of five dots. The meaning of which was not known to anyone. Edison is also known to have invented the first stencil machine so it won’t be much of a surprise if we come to know that he used his own machine to give himself a tattoo.

#8: A Deaf Ear

Edison was partially deaf due to an attack of scarlet fever in his childhood, which he considered as a boon in disguise specifically when he wanted to concentrate on his experiments. However he didn’t hear a bird sing after the age of 12.

#9: Wonders by a Mother

Another interesting fact about Thomas Edison was that he had only 3 months of formal public education. Thereafter he was homeschooled by his mother who also taught him reading, arithmetic and writing. She often read to him the great works of writers such as, Shakespeare, Edward Gibbon and Charles Dickens.

#10: Kindness in a Different Form

Edison came up with the solution to manage a circus elephant named Topsy who had gone berserk and killed three people. The elephant was to be executed. Edison put forward the idea of electrocution with AC which gave a peaceful death to the animal.

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