10 Interesting Facts About Bob Hope

Less known, Amazing & Interesting Facts About Bob Hope

Bob HopeThe man was born in the year 1903 and had numerous awards and honors bestowed upon for his masterpiece works as an entertainer and humanitarian. This man from Etham had his own way with words considering his amazing one liner and jokes that would make any one laugh till their stomach began to hurt. During World War II he traveled overseas to entertain the American troops with his nasty humor. His magnificent work in the television world is still cherished. Here are a few less known & very interesting facts about Bob Hope that you might not know:

Interesting Facts About Bob Hope

#1: Not a Native American!

Even though Bob became America’s favorite, he originally belonged to England and was brought up in Cleveland.

#2: A Century

Bob Hope had a life span for a century and eventually death had to make an excuse of Pneumonia to finally take him away. He lived a life at the end of which he could mock death as well.

#3: A Busy Father

Bob Hope was in love with only one woman all his life and had four children with her, namely  Eleanora, Linda, William and Anthony.

#4: A True Lover

Bob Hope was a true gentleman for remaining faithful to his wife all his life despite the fact that he could have had any girl in his arms with the help of his witty one liner’s and hearty jokes. Her name was Dolores Reade. They married in the year 1934.

#5: Knew The Value

Bob was a man who wanted to stand on his own and thus knew the value and not just the price of everything considering that he sold 2 cent newspapers in the street during the younger years of his life.


#6: Pseudonym

Bob Hope had a pseudonym and Leslie Townes Hope was his original name.

#7: His Parents

Bob Hope’s father worked as a stonemason while his mother worked as a light opera singer.

#8: The Respite

Bob Hope was a respite to all the American soldiers who were far away from their families during the World War II, by traveling up to their troop camps and entertaining them. Thus, he made a lot of overseas journeys.

#9: Who needs schooling?

We often hear of all great people dropping out of high school or colleges. Fate made no exception in Bob’s case as well, as he was a drop out from high school.

#10: The First

Another interesting fact about Bob Hope’s life is that in 1997 the U.S. Congress recognized his efforts by naming him the first “Honorary Veteran” in the history of U.S.

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