10 Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

benjamin franklinBenjamin Franklin was an author, politician, scientist, musician, inventor, statesman and diplomat. He gave some theory principle on electricity and priceless invents to science like electric sod, bifocals, Franklin stove and glass armonica. As a 6th president of Pennsylvania, he did manage many civic organizations like a fire department and a university. He always struggled with his weight. Here, 10 interesting facts about Ben Franklin are just for you to interact with a great personality:-

Interesting Facts About Benjamin Franklin

#1: Family of Benjamin Franklin

He was 1 of 17 children of his father Josiah Franklin. Overall be was 15th in number and 8th to Josiah’s second wife. At the age of twelve, his father sent him for work in a print shop who was taken care of by Ben’s older brothers.

#2: His carrier started with writing

He was fast in his work and he wrote many writings, immediately. But his James older brother refused to publish these writings. He took his writings and publishes them with many efforts. By these writings, he became famous and lives till today in the form of his works.

#3: Ben’s social improvement methods

21 year old, Ben assembled Junto(to join) group who met on every Friday (in a week) to discuss about business philosophies. The University of Pennsylvania allows this group for brainstorming sessions.

#4: Ben’s stove

Ben invented a stove and that’s name is Ben’s stove but when he couldn’t patent this invention then it sold and known as Pennsylvania fireplace. He claimed for this and explained in his autobiography for this.

#5: Pay it Forward

Ben discovers a formula for freely philosophy of inventions and that is known as “Pay it forward”. In fact, he thinks that he independently invented this concept and then he showed his first document evidence for “Pay It Forward”.


#6: The Invention of the Pro and Con List

Benjamin Franklin, the inventor of documented explicit Pro & Con list. It was shocking because everyone used such a list or similar technique. His decision making Pro and Con list idea was explained in 1772 by himself.

#7: Ben vs. fire

Ben became one of the first volunteer fire departments in America that is called the Union Fire Company, but mostly known as “Benjamin Franklin’s Bucket Brigade”. He wrote also many articles on fire safety.

#8: Invented first American musical instrument

Ben designed the glass harmonica or armonica in 1761. It is the first musical instrument for America. Through modification of the old glass, his bowl organ with the bowls and set sideways with overlapping spun using a foot pedal.

#9: Ben and electricity

Ben always joint with electrical experiments when he was 40, his experiments were conducted by trial and error. He explained with electrical experiments and gave the concepts of “positive” and “negative” charge.

#10: Invent a new alphabet

Another interesting fact about Benjamin Franklin was that he had a multitasking creativity, as we know that he invent many electrical concepts, but with this, he viewed as redundant in the English alphabet. This way, he invented his own phonetic alphabet.

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