10 Interesting Facts About Vietnam

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About Vietnam

vietnam-flag-mapVietnam, officially known as Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a country located in the Southeast Asia. It is surrounded by China, Laos, Cambodia. It is the 13th most populous country in the world. Let us know some interesting facts about Vietnam

Interesting Facts About Vietnam

#1: Various Names

  • Vietnam is the variation of Nam Viet, which means Southern Viet. Viet Nam was used commonly long ago and is still referred the same way by the United Nations and the Vietnamese Government.


#2: Literacy

  • Vietnam has attained 94% literacy though it is classified as a developing country.
  • Children do not go to schools hearing bells. Schools let them know when it is time by using traditional gongs.
  • Even, the unemployment rates are very low for a developing country.


#3: Vietnamese

There are some interesting facts about Vietnam related to their national language Vietnamese, here they are:

  • The language has six different tones. The meaning of a word can change with the tone used to utter it. This factor makes it pretty difficult to learn the language.
  • The script of the language has twenty nine alphabets, which are very much similar to the English language’s alphabets.
  • The language is not related to other languages, making it linguistically unique.
  • People of Vietnam speak French, Chinese and other languages. English is gaining popularity and would be a second language.


#4: Fan Si pan

  • Fan Si Pan is the highest mountain in Vietnam.
  • It is located near Sapa.
  • The mountain is 3150m (10300 ft) is high.
  • Though this mountain is the highest in Vietnam, it is lower than other peaks in the region of South East Asia.


#5: Yok Dan National Park

  • Vietnam has thirty national parks out of which Yok Dan national park located in the Dak Lac province is the largest.
  • This national park is larger than any of the three smallest provinces in the Red Delta region.
  • It has a geographical area of 1200 sq. km.


#6: Import & Export

  • Vietnam exports clothes, shoes, crude oil and rice.
  • The country imports leather, textiles, machinery, electronics, plastics and automobile.


#7: Governance Hierarchy

  • The Government is headed by the Prime Minister as the head of the state.
  • The President is the Nominal head of state.
  • The Unicameral legislature is the highest authority in Vietnam.
  • The top court, Supreme Court also comes under the legislature.
  • There are provincial municipal courts and district courts which come under the Supreme Court.


#8: Pagodas & Temples

  • It is important to know the purpose of these buildings to correctly identify the place of worship.
  • The Pagoda is the place of worship where offerings are made and prayers are offered. It is otherwise called chua.
  • The Vietnamese den is the temple and is built in memory of national heroes or historical figures.


#9: TET – The all in one festival

  • Tet Nguyen Dan is the ‘Festival of the First Day’.
  • It celebrates christmas, birthdays and New Year together. The whole nation celebrates turning a year older together!
  • The Ancestral spirits are welcomed and families reunite in the hope that the coming year will bring good fortune upon everyone.


#10: Lizard Fishing

  • There are some weird & strange but interesting facts about Vietnam related to Lizard fishing, here they are:
  • Lizards are caught in the arid halls of the south central coast.
  • A hook is set on a long bamboo fishing pole and bait is dangled on the boulder. The reptile strikes and is caught.
  • The lizards caught are grilled, roasted or fried and served.


– Vietnam is famous for “Vietnam War” which is the longest war ever (1959 – 30th April, 1975)


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