10 Interesting Facts About Bulgaria

The Republic of Bulgaria is the country, which  is located on the south east side of Europe. Romania lies to the north while the countries Turkey and Greece are on the south. The Black sea present at the east side and Macedonia and Serbia lie to the west. The capital of the country is the city of Sofia. Here are 10 interesting facts about Bulgaria.

Bulgaria flag

Bulgarian Flag- Photo by ResoluteSupportMedia

Interesting Facts About Bulgaria

#1: Religions Practiced

59.4% of the people are orthodox Bulgarians, 7.8% are Muslims, in which 7.4% are Sunni Muslims and 0.4% are Shia Muslims & another 1.7% were Catholics, Protestants, Judaists, Armenian Apostolic Orthodox followers, 27.4% of the people have not declared their religion while 3.7% does not belong to any kind of religion.

#2: Bulgarian

Bulgarian is the language of Bulgaria. It is a slavic language which has some peculiarities. The Bulgarians claim that Macedonian indeed a dialect of Bulgarian and it is not a separate language. The language does not have any kind of verb infinitives or any suffix for indefinite articles.

#3: Religions followed

Ethnicity is predominant in Bulgaria. 82.6% of the people belong to the church which is Bulgarian Orthodox. Islam is the largest among the minority which is comprised of the ethnic turks. Most of them are Slavs.

#4: Change of Governance

The country was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire  about 500 years. Before that, It existed as a single empire from the seventh century. Communism prevailed after the Second World War. Presently it is a member of the European Union and is a Parliamentary Democracy.

#5: Production

  • The country produces livestock, fruits, vegetables, wheat, wine, tobacco, sugar beets, sunflower, barley in abundance.
  • When it comes to natural resources, the country has deposited copper, zinc, timber, coal, lead and bauxite.

#6: Import & Export

  • Bulgaria trades with Greece, France, Ukraine, Turkey, Russia, Italy and Germany.
  • The export revenue bills up to about 26 billion dollars in Iron, Steel, footwear, Clothing, Fuels and Machinery along with equipment.
  • The Imports are mainly along with Metals, Metal ores, Chemicals, Fuels, Plastics, Equipments and more. It is estimated to be approximately 28 billion dollars.

#7: Rates

  • The literacy rate in Bulgaria stands very high at 98.2%.
  • The Inflation rate stands at 4%.
  • Unemployment stands at the rate of 8.8%.
  • The real growth rate stands at 2.2%.   

#8: Industries

The industries which thrive well in Bulgaria, Food and Beverages, Nuclear fuel, Petroleum include refined, metal, coke & chemical products.

#9: Media

There is a state owned station and three private stations for television. There are also many cable and satellite channel providers. There are  number of private broadcasting channels too. At the time of 2010, there are about 3 million internet users and the figure is expanding.

#10: Transport

The country is well connected with about 4500 km of railroads & about 40000 km paved roads. The waterways of length 470 km. Varna and Burgas make up the ports and terminals. There are about 210 airports in the country.

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