10 Interesting Facts About England

10 Amazing, Fun & Interesting Facts About England

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England, the country which is a part of United Kingdom located at north-west Europe.  The country is surrounded by Scotland, Wales, The Irish Sea and The Celtic Sea. The country has got over 100 small islands. Let us know some more interesting facts about England

Interesting Facts About England

#1: Mistaken Identity

  • England is often mistaken for the entire United Kingdom or Great Britain. This often offends people from other countries like Scotland and Wales.


#2: Being Armed

  • Police in England carry guns only in the case of emergencies.
  • You are allowed to only shoot a Welsh with a bow and arrow inside the city walls of Chester that too after midnight.


#3: The River Thames

  • The Thames River is the longest river that flows through England. The river is slightly shorter than the River Severn. It flows a distance of around 346 kilometers.
  • The Thames River has 200 bridges and tunnels across its 346 kilometer course.


#5: London Eye

  • The Ferris wheel is the largest one in Europe and each rotation takes a good 30 minutes.
  • Seven years and hundreds of skilled labourers were required to make the London eye, a reality.
  • The total weight of the wheel and the capsules comes to a super heavy 2100 tons. Each capsule weighs 2,100 tons and there is a total of 32 capsules. These interesting facts about England related to London are worth knowing.


#6: The Big Ben

  • The real name of Big Ben is the ‘Clock tower’. The big bell was nicknamed so and the name stuck as it was more attractive.
  • The most important tourist attraction is the Big Ben.
  • ‘omine Salvam Fac Reginam Nostrum Victoriam Primam’ is the inscription found in gold at the base of each of the clock dials. It translates to O Lord, keep safe our Queen Victoria the first.
  • 5 mile radius is how far the Big Ben, which chimes every fifteen minutes, can be heard.


#7: London Underground

  • The London tube has turned 150.
  • The tube has an average speed of 20.5 miles per hour including stops at the station.
  • Waterloo is the busiest tube station as 57,000 passengers enter during the peak hour.


#8: London Bridge

  • The vintage lamps that light up the bridge are made from canons melted. The canons belonged to none other than Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • The bridge is home to hundreds of bats, which have made it selves very comfortable in the nook and cranny of the bridge.
  • The LED lights that have been installed are energy efficient and have contributed towards the bridge going green.


#9: First Gas Company

  • The London and Westminster gas and coke company became the first gas company of the world. But the world’s first public street lighting with gas happened in 1807 when it was installed in the Pall Mall.


#10: The Liverpool Cathedral

There are few interesting facts about England related to the Liverpool Cathedral, here they are:

  • The Liverpool cathedral is the newest cathedral of Britain. It was completed in 1978.
  • It stands to be the second longest church after St.Peter’s Basilica.
  • It is also the biggest cathedral of Britain.
  • Castles, RESIDENCES, museums
  • ‘The Theater’ was the first public theater built in England.
  • Two million years of civilization’s treasure is what the British Museum houses.
  • The Windsor castle is the oldest and largest royal residence still in use in the world.
  • The Berkeley castle is the oldest castle still inhabited by the family who built it. Robert Fitzharding started building the castle in 1153 and founded the Berkeley family.

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