15 Unknown Facts About CA Chandan Agarwal

Chandan Agarwal

Chandan Agarwal, heading Chandan Agarwal & Co. (Chartered Accountants), has transformed his firm into one of the largest Auditing and Assurance service providers in India in less than 8 years. Chandan Agarwal is also the Founder CEO of Pragyan International University, a UGC, Govt of India approved Private University. Let us find out some interesting facts about Chandan Agarwal:

1. Born to a Homeopathic Doctor

Chandan Agarwal was born on 5th January, 1990, in Kolkata, India to Dr. Suresh Kumar Agarwal and Anita Agarwal. His father was a Homeopathic Doctor and mother, a homemaker.
His father had a fascinating interest in education, and he holds a Masters degree in more than 12 subjects including Homeopathy, Unani, Yoga, MBA, Environment Science, etc.
His father also completed the course of Law and is an LLM First Class holder and was a University topper, though he is not impaneled as a Lawyer, owing to his thriving Medical Practice.

2. Two Elder Sisters

Chandan Agarwal was the youngest child of the family, with two elder sisters – Neha and Isha Agarwal. Being the youngest, he was always the most pampered and loved.
However, he was extremely sincere and obedient, as was his playful nature. He was considered to be the heart of the family.
Both his sisters are Chartered Accountants.

3. Excellence in Sports

Chandan Agarwal always had a vivid interest in sports, especially cricket and football. He initially wanted to take up Sports as a profession and was the recipient of several awards during his early School days for various Sport Competitions held.
However, later with the progress of time, he lost interest in sports and moved his attention to studies.

4. Schooling under Cambridge University, U.K.

Chandan Agarwal wanted to become an Investment Banker as a child and wanted to move to the USA. He joined O Levels and A Levels (Class Xth and Class XIIth) under Cambridge University with the vision and dream of making it big.

5. Always a straight “A” student

Chandan Agarwal was always a straight “A” student. He was the recipient of the prestigious Keynes Scholarship during his school days for excellence in Accounting and Finance and was the Asia topper for Accounting and Economics. His learning acumen and ability to incorporate them in practical real-life projects was remarkable.
Chandan Agarwal

6. Chose Calcutta University over USA Universities

Chandan Agarwal received Scholarships from several Universities in the USA for his under-graduation but chose to study B.Com in Accounting and Finance under Calcutta University, which he completed with First Division and First Class.

7. One of the Youngest Chartered Accountants

Chandan Agarwal joined the course of Chartered Accountancy simultaneously with his under-graduation, and completed the course of Chartered Accountancy with Letter Marks (Scoring more than 90), considered extremely rare, in subjects like Taxation and Finance. He completed his CA at the age of 22, and was one of the youngest Chartered Accountants at his time.

8. Heading Chandan Agarwal & Co. (Chartered Accountants)

Chandan is heading his Chartered Accountancy Firm – Chandan Agarwal & Co., offering Auditing and Assurance, Tax, GST, IFRS, Business Management Services, Corporate Finance, Outsourcing and Risk Consultancy services. He has worked with various sectors including Retail, Manufacturing, Hotels, FMCG, Mining, etc.
His firm has become one of the largest Auditing and Assurance Service Providers in India in less than 8 years.

9. Offers Wealth and Portfolio Management Services

Chandan Agarwal also offers Wealth Management and Asset Management services advising clients on various investment modes, associated risks, and creating financial awareness through his Chartered Accountancy Firm.

10. CEO of Pragyan International University

Chandan Agarwal is also heading Pragyan International University, a Private University approved by UGC, Govt of India, which was established by his family trust – Pragyan Foundation, in Ranchi. It is one of the only 240 Private Universities in India, and aims to offer specialized courses like Spirituality, Yoga, World Peace, etc. not offered by any Institution worldwide.
Pragyan International University is coming up over 30 acres of land (approx 1800 cottahs) and spread over 3,00,000 Sq Ft which will house both Academic and Administration wings, with Hostel facilities.
Pragyan International University aspires to become one of the largest Universities in Eastern India with students from all over the world.

11. Traveled around the world

Chandan is a keen traveler and has traveled around the world, including the U.K., France, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, etc.

12. Interested in Luxury Cars

Chandan keeps a keen interest in luxury cars and is currently driving a Mercedes and Audi, besides cars like Hyundai and Honda. His next pick would be a convertible car and his eyeing the new BMW Z4 or the Porsche 718.

13. Awarded Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Award in 2018 for Social and Community Service

Chandan believes in giving back to society as this is the only way of achieving holistic growth for the economy. He contributes regularly to various Trusts and Foundations working for the welfare of the underprivileged and is currently sponsoring the education of more than 100 schoolchildren annually. He also plans to introduce a Scholarship for 50 students annually in the name of his late grandfather.
For his contributions to Society and Community Welfare, Chandan was awarded 2018, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Award in New Delhi.

14. Not Religious but Spiritual

Chandan Agarwal believes that all religions are equal, and instead of professing any religion, he believes in the concept of doing no harm and treating everyone equally. He believes this leads to ultimate realization in life.

15. Interested in Politics

Chandan Agarwal is a keen observer of politics and wants to join an existing Political Party or establish a new Regional Party for the welfare of the nation.
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