10 Interesting Facts About Tirupati Balaji Temple

Which is the most visited pilgrimage place in India where Lord Venkateswara is worshipped and which is situated in Chittoor Andhra Pradesh? Of course, that is none other than Tirupati Balaji Temple. Lord Balaji is the celestial being of this Temple who is believed to be the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. The location of the temple beautiful as it is in the middle of seven hills and so as the temple’s monument is because of its Dravidian culture! This one of the richest and well-esteemed temple has around 35 million devotees around the year and huge donations as well. Not just this, there are many more to read to get to know the temple’s uniqueness-

#1 One of the most Opulent Shrines

You will be really surprised to know the about the donations of the temple. Approximately, 3000 Kilograms of Gold is received by banks in the form of Hundi by the devotees of the temple. Not just this, temple comprises of ornaments worth of 37000 Crores. Daily income will keep you spellbound trust me, don’t believe? It’s almost 1.5 million. Can you imagine?

#2 Idol Of Balaji

The main idol is not placed in the center of the temple. Even though it seems like it is in the center but it is just to the right. Moreover, the idol keeps on sweating as its temperature remains high around 110 degrees despite being located in the hills and cold weather almost 3000 feet high.

#3 The Arch of Tirumala hills

Do you know the reason behind the uniqueness of the arch of Tirumala hills? It’s just unbelievable and shocking as if one goes just a km away from the temple, they can see the geological magic that represents the structure of the face of Lord Balaji. This arc is 3m long and 8 meters wide.

#4 Mokku

Hair sacrifice ritual- Let me tell you what Mokku is all about. This ritual was initiated just after when Balaji lost some of his hair because of an accident which happened because of Gandharva princess. To repent for that she cut her mane to implant it to Balaji’s head. He was pleased with such devotion, so he promised her that his devotees will hair that will ultimately reach her. Ever since then, people celebrate this ritual named Mokku.

#5 Sound of waves

Another miracle can be seen inside the temple, where you can just place your ear and hear the roars of the water of the ocean which comes from the waterfall behind the idol. No one is aware of this mystical reason.

#6 Secret Village as a supplier

To intrigue you more, I will tell you a secret which is actually a village which is the supplier of regular commodities inside the temple likewise- Banana leaves, flowers, butter, ghee, milk etc. This village is almost 22 km from the temple, where special kind of custom is followed which are not known to any stranger. Even though, outsiders are not allowed in that village.

#7 The geographical Indicator

Here the geographical is the special Laddu which is given as a prsaadam. Yes, this laddu has a global patent which is almost 300 years old. It became GI after an incident of black market and duplicity in which these kinds of laddus were served outside the temple.

#8 Ritual of applying sandalwood paste

When lord Balaji was a child, he was beaten by a stick by Ananthaalvar. Once that stick hurts his chin then sandalwood paste was applied on it. After that this became ritual and that stick is kept at the right side of main entrance.

#9 Eternal lamps

Just like the way the belief of devotee is never ending, similarly, the earthen lamps placed in the temple never get extinguished. No one is having any idea when did and who lighten up these lamps but still, these eternal lits are providing light and devotion to the temple for thousands of years.

#10 Swamy Venkateswara appeared for real

When 12 people were killed and hanged by a king on the temple walls then to punish him Swamy Ji appeared in real in 1800. And which further lead to the closure of temple for complete 12 years.

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